A Cup of Coffee

Perhaps coffee is all about energy. Kaldi’s goat started dancing after eating coffee berries. African tribes make edible energy balls from coffee berries. Nevertheless, coffee means a different thing for different people. A friend of mine comprehends drinking tea or coffee will make his skin black. While the truth is that you cannot find him on a new moon if he isn’t laughing. Yet, that is his perception about the coffee.

Perception is not the only thing to contemplate while having coffee; purpose and person also matters a lot. Consider some of these coffee drinkers:

The first one is of the kind who can’t open their eyes in the morning or does not have a clear bowel if they don’t get their poison. They often get aches in the absence of caffeine in their body. Their nervous system breaks down. These are exhausted workaholic people with a lifestyle of their own. They are ‘The Addicts’.

The second class does not have a longing for coffee per se. They also not have sensory cells in their taste bud. They are the kinds who will ask for a coffee and could settle for just about anything, be it tea, milk, aerated drink or lassi. They just have to drink something hot or cold. Perhaps they are the desperate pre-occupied absent-minded person: ‘The Thirsty People sans The Thirst’.

The third type consists of the corporate executives – the typical business person wearing suit-tie; carrying laptop and smartphone. The office isn’t apt for the kind of informal meeting. So, all they need is a decent luxury café. The intention is to have a relaxed chat away from regular biz-world. Here the coffee works as a business enabler. Call them ‘The Business Class’ coffee drinkers.

The fourth one is the people who want company rather than coffee. They have a craving for discussion over politics, diplomacy, sports, media, society and happenings around the world; or even the book they had just read, for that matter. They are the kind who wants someone to listen to their philosophy; their thoughts. Their ideas develop with the coffee and ends with a kick-start scooter carrying vegetable home from their local market. They are the typical ‘Pseudo Intellectual’ coffee drinkers.

The fifth type is the young college goers. Their purpose is to hang-out with friends. They value friendship and can talk hours over a cup of ‘sharing coffee’. It could be a cup divided into two-three, or may be a single cup doing rounds between the group. With coffee or without coffee this gang always remains the same: ‘The Carefree’ coffee drinkers’.

Then there is ‘The Love Birds’. They need a corner in the emptiest café in the city. Do I need to explain more?

Among the other types are:  ‘The Sociable Insects’, who visits our home; do hours of gossips; and complains about their hectic schedule. No one could ever understand if they are so busy how and why they are obliging the host. ‘The Tired Asses’, who goes to the cafeteria of their MNC offices to relax, fart and laugh their way out. ‘The Walking Junkie’, ‘the Kitty Aunty’, ‘the Joy Walker’, ‘the Unwind Shopper’.  Knowing them won’t make your coffee any more energetic.KC_EnjoyYourCoffee

There are other types too, who are obsessed with different brews: Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Iced, Mocha, Latte, etc. In spite of the variety they like or the way they drink it, the KAUPHY always remains the same; the aroma, the alluring flavor, the company, the ambiance, the fun, the relationship, the love; everything. Even if there is not a single letter of COFFEE in it.

Aha! Mine is here. Enjoy yours.


4 thoughts on “A Cup of Coffee

  1. I didn’t always enjoy the stuff. I would eat coffee-flavored yogurt and coffee-flavored ice cream, but the actual beverage tasted bitter and crude, but now you can count me as one of its takers or I should use the word “drinker”. And, not wanting to develop an addiction, I allow myself coffee only once a day. People claim to drink coffee because it keeps them awake. That never works for me.With each long swallow of a steaming brew, I savor the pungent, rich first flavor, the appealingly bitter aftertaste, and the feeling of knowing who and where I am.

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