Being Phenomenologist

Being phenomenologist is not just another phenomenon. The more one involves with the subject the more he/she gets informed. The practice needs to be done rigorously and continuously. The perfection comes slowly but steadily. For once, it is possible the enlightenment gets rewarded the very next moment or it might take years to get the recognition one is striving for. There is also a cinch of the odd probability of not getting the desired result at all. But that should not discourage one to put down the hope of learning.

Where do the ideas come from? The question does not have a precise answer. Try throwing this question and it will rebound. It doesn’t come from anywhere. One has to keep his senses alert and open at all the occasions whether travelling, visiting market, listening to music, watching television, browsing the internet, walking, or even eating. And it does not take any extra efforts. Only reading, per se, is not required to get ideas and gain knowledge about the subject.

Long structured reading is not necessary. The only significant persuasive thing is inquisitiveness; the curiosity to know everything about nothing. As Nicholas Murray Butler had said, “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing”.

I followed my instinct and started to ask all the weird questions. Nothing stopped me from asking questions about the subjects that never mattered to me at any point of time. I was an introvert, yet, snoopy. I gradually started to believe in my self-derived philosophy:

If the question finds its existence, anywhere, there must be an answer to it!Phenomenology

But asking questions, as reading, is not enough to be a Phenomenologist. One should be a good listener too. One should hear everything. With the practice, I mastered the art of listening general conversation in the train, market, office, home and everywhere. I read anything and everything I took hold of; even a thongaa [envelope] the street-vendors gives ‘bhunja-bhelpuri-jhaalmurhi’ in. [Bhunja, Bhelpuri and Jhaalmurhi is a type of snacks usually ate in the evening in India]. These casual listening and studies did one good thing to me. I got an extraordinary, if I may say so, sense of humour (SoH). And later turned hero among my friends. The more the discussion, the more knowledge I got. And then I became the Wikipedia of my own.


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