What’s in a belt!

Have you ever thought, what is the importance of ‘belt’ in our life? The belt is a necessity of every human, for men particularly. Of course, women wear a belt, but let’s respect their dignity and focus on our subject – Belt.

Belt is the security line of men’s shame. If one doesn’t have a belt to tighten the security of his bottom-line, he might be an element of public humour. Imagine a person carrying bags in one of his hands and pulling his trouser upwards with his other hand. You will definitely laugh seeing such a person at any public place. So it is imperative to keep your self-esteem under your control.

Belts are of three types. The leather or fabric one; wore with western attire like trousers or jeans. The cotton cord; inserted into the pajama strip. And the ‘Knotty-Dhoti’. No, Knotty-Dhoti is not a designer belt. I have named it so because there is no provision of a belt in the Indian drapery – Dhoti. Only the knot does the foremost.

Western belts have buckle to tighten it, cotton-cords’ loose ends has to be tied; while knotty-dhoti does not have any such fasteners. Dhoti’s knot has to be tied by itself, somewhere in between. The western belt can be loosened and tighten; cotton-cords needs time to be tied and knotty-dhoti has to be worn for a firm grip around the waist.

From the convenience point of view, during nature’s call, the western belt doesn’t come in between the pressure and fly zip of the crouch. You can relieve yourself just by lowering zip. The most inconvenient is the cotton cord. Firstly because, a major portion of your machismo is exposed, and secondly there’s a full chance to get a sudden nodule in the cord and unable to untie it you might do the due in your pajama. The knotty-dhoti has an edge over the above two at any moment. Its innovative frill gives the comfort both in covering and uncovering the masculinity. The person relaxes while sitting in the ground with knees touching his chin.

Most of the people in life get a few occasional fortunate flash moment for the bodily pleasure. Sometimes it happens so unexpectedly that it’s hard to believe. You are bound to do the amiable act in a haphazard way. Sliding to contentment is trouble-free in the pajamas; while western belt may hurt the wrist of your confidante. Knotty-dhoti is an open-shut case, bliss.

Now, have a look at the additional usage of these belts. Western belts are also used for some ‘painful pleasuring moment’ as mentioned by some famous authors; cords can be tied to two distant nails on the wall, to dry clothes. Knotty-dhoti has multiple uses. You may drape it over you, cover yourself while sleeping, or use it as a curtain.

However you use it, a tight hold around the waist always gives a happy feel.

Oh yes! There is a fourth one too – The stretchable one. Not safe and secure at all. Anyone can loosen your pajama anytime. Yet, it’s good for them who start their day with a scratch.



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