No pun intended!

friendWe meet many people at different stages of life. With some, our vibes match instantly and we become good friends. Some take time to get gelled. With some, our IQ level matches perfectly. And some get glued because they like our funny side, despite sarcasm.

Everyone has a number of them – ‘friends’. Some are good, some are bad, some close, some just acquaintance and some only a contact. Some are childhood friends whom we call langotia yaar in Hindi, some we meet in school or college and some at various places we visit. There is no distinction between girl and boy because a friend is a friend is a friend until he or she becomes the special one.

There are many qualities for which we admire them. Some are studious or book-worm, some a movie-bug, some interested in sports, some others finds their fascination in opposite sex.

Whatever the case, with God’s grace I have been awarded few ‘gems’ in my life and I am thankful to all of them. With them in my life, I feel my life accomplished. Some of them indeed had become my life-line with the passes of time.

In spite of their vivid character every friend has a funny aspect which makes them undetectable. This is my attempt to recognize them through this blog. From next week onwards I shall be writing about one friend every week; who had made a special place in my heart by their intelligence, wit, ignorance, foolishness or by any other way.

Hope you all will find my effort a worth.


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