Love for Mobile

A good mobile phone is like a friend – your girlfriend (GF), you can depend upon. You can love it, watch it with desperation, and explore its every function; just you’ll do to her. It shall understand your desire by the touch of your fingers; whether you want to work, chat or want it to keep silent. It is a responsive device you can always take along and keep it very near to your heart, precisely in the left pocket of your shirt. It will give you all the amusement your GF can give, except ‘love’.

My fascination for mobile phone started in 2001 with my first job. It was a Siemens phone. But there was nothing like men in it, except the signal-catching device – antenna. Men too usually have a similar sense of intelligence but in an absence of the voluptuous personality, no one cares for them. Like a true woman, it was having all the curves and does only one thing – talking. The lifespan of an electronic device is shorter than the relationship of boyfriend-girlfriend. It found my idea of walking in the rain exasperating.

In desperate need of a phone, I bought a Nokia 2100. Distinct from the typical monochrome screen, this phone was having a moonbeam light. Its screen light was visible from a long distance as if a newly wedded bride is smiling. My happiness couldn’t last longer. Within a week, it got pick-pocketed as a runaway bride.

For next few days, I borrowed my friend’s Nokia 3100. It was a colour phone with new functions and games. Yet, the only thing you can do to your friend’s wife is talking. So, I did the same and returned it thankfully for taking care of my emotions. Next I brought home a Nokia 2300 with butterfly keypads. Its grey colour always played hide and seek with me. The voice was soothing to ears. The one additional quality it possessed was its voice – the FM Radio. One day I failed to find it in the game, and probably it flew away with its butterfly wings. Anyone could have been happy by getting such a cuckoo.

By then, I became accustomed to the outer beauty too. I admired the curvy look of Nokia 7610 and brought it home. It had all the visible beauty: curvy shape, dual-colour body, colour large screen. Apart from the outer beauty, it was having some inner qualities too. A sharp memory but not better than your girl, a camera to capture still as well as moving scenes, an audio and video player and internet browsing facility. Now my phone turned into a full entertainment device. It was no more a GF. It felled from my pocket and died its own accidental death.Mobiles

But dependency increased day by day, as the longing to be connected all the time; wherever I was. So, in between, I started keeping two of them. Explored all sort of other phones: Nokia 5110, 3310, 3315, 8250, 1100, E-71 etc.p1i

All were just a phone with some features of the other. No feelings or emotional attachment was there until I got the Sony Ericson’s P1i. My new love was in my hand – beauty with a soul, my first smartphone. Its screen was able to respond to my sensitive touches with the same emotions. It was effortless talking and chatting and emailing with its semi-QWERTY keypad. Its eye-catching look and multi-facet design made me its admirer. It became my all time Queen. I always kept it under cover to keep away from bad spirits. In search of a ‘gem,’ I lost its garb. But my queen never complained and lived with me like a true partner. I was happy. One day, it poured for 4 hours continuously. We both fell ill but my lady couldn’t survive the cold attack.

I kept mourning for some days. The need overpowered me and my fascination comfortably switched over to its sister – BlackBerry 9300. Since then it has become my Empress.


3 thoughts on “Love for Mobile

  1. I think its time you divorce your Empress ( BlackBerry 9300) and opt for your next marriage with Sony Xperia or BB Z series. Your this post reminded me of my old post on the similar topic – Mobile Phones but for me unfortunately I dont treat it as my BF or husband. Its just a part of my life, like oxygen. My post on mobile is at –


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