My Mummy


Theme: Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Your story of how you took charge of life and made a choice, not a compromise. When you refused to choose one thing OR the other, and instead followed your heart. Tell us your story or an inspirational story of a woman you know that defines #UseYourAnd. You can also tag a woman blogger in your blog post who exemplifies #UseYourAnd, because we would love it if all of these stories came out into the world for all to see.

Mothers are like shadows to their child. In good times or bad, they never leave them. She is the natural protector of her child. She is the first friend, the truest friend one could have for as long as she lives. A mother is surely her child’s inspiring hero for life!

My Mother is my hero. She has always been a great woman to protect us from anything and everything she felt could affect us, could affect our health, education, career or future. She did her best to provide all the comfort she could have made available to us. It never mattered to her how much she had to struggle for it. Her only satisfaction was the well-being of her children. She is my Mummy.

Mummy’s parents named her Pramila. She was grown under the guardianship of her grandmother, after her mother’s death, at an early age of five. She is the eldest of six siblings, five step ones. Married in Darbhanga she had always lived her life, since then, in Patna. She had struggled a lot after her marriage and listened to many illogical ‘sermons’. Being a religious lady, she made many ‘mannat’ (wishes), at various religious places across India, for a child; and seven years after her marriage her eldest child, my sister, was born.

Mummy has been a very simple lady, always satisfied with her small family. She was the one caring for all under various roles; be it as a wife, mother, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister and daughter, aunt, friend and neighbour. I have always seen her as a friendly lady. She had always shown a cheerful behaviour in every family gatherings such as marriages and other rituals & cultural events. Even though she hadn’t found the extended family always supportive; her enthusiasm never died of criticism.

Nevertheless, she took a stand and made a choice which has changed our lives. Had she not made it then, our lives would have been different. It could have been so much distinctive that, as of now, I could not even imagine. After the death of my father the buzz in the family was to disclaim the compensatory job in favour of my uncle. But Mummy felt it was a matter of upbringing of her four minor children. She was concerned about us. She had spent her earlier life as a home-maker, hadn’t put a single step without her husband, she was totally unknown to the outside world of a working lady. She wasn’t comfortable going out alone still she made a choice and did not compromise in our interest. She accepted the challenge and moved ahead to join the job for our betterment. Her next choice was to live in Patna and not in our native place. This was a great verdict she pronounced being a single parent. After that, her life became a roller-coaster. She managed both home and job with zeal. Faced the challenges with a never say die attitude. She acted as a protective shadow for us. I still feel her decision inspiring.

She is 63 years old now and retired from the job. Even now she takes many critical and uncompromising stands which are inspiring indeed. She had always loved her children more than herself; sacrificed her needs for us. She is the true hero of mine. And now it’s time we should fall in her shoes and inspire others to become like her. My mother is my inspiration.

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