Dreamers Bound, Hope Second Chance Around

secondchanceblogpostimageThere is no second chance in life, but the remorse; yet one should not lose hope. It’s hope that makes a man dream. One should always dream for the betterment of life, to make it beautiful and contended. A life without hope is a wait for death. Death is the ultimate truth, but it is not the goal. We have been given life with a purpose. If we miss a chance to accomplish it we should hope to get a #SecondChance in our life.

Everyone is not lucky enough to get #SecondChance. So when I look back and see what I have missed in life I think I definitely deserve it. And given a #SecondChance, I would like to make the most of it.

It happened to me a week ago. As I signed the insurance document, I thought whom shall I make the nominee? I don’t have a child to support me when I will grow old. The next few moments were full of mixed feelings – anguish, hope, and fate. I started earning early in life, accumulated enough wealth to cover the cost of medicines, treatment etc. during my old days, even though I had always practiced a healthy lifestyle. Hope of a child whom I could talk to; who could support me; who could be my eye – were the kind of thought that left me in a devastating state of mind. Any service-class person, especially in my kind of job, involves himself so much into it that they never find time for personal issues. A child is such a personal asset. Given a #SecondChance, I would like to have a child – either of my own DNA or adopted, who will fulfill my last rites.

But how could I have a child! I had spent most part of my life saving for a dream honeymoon across the world for at least a two month period. The idea was to understand my better half, my dream wife and give all the pleasures of the world to her. I continued working and saving under various investment plans but couldn’t save enough to get the confidence. Even if, I could have got the confidence, whom should I have been taken for the honeymoon?

I hadn’t found time even to select a bride for self, forget about falling in love. My parents thought I am too choosy regarding my wife and will select a girl on my own. During my early job days I was inclined to date young girls but then my salary didn’t allow me to afford bills of expensive restaurant and pubs. When I became capable of paying the bills I thought the girls were too young, as compared to me, to date. Now I feel this procrastination had cost dear to me.

Today I have a secure job in the most happening advertising world, draw a handsome salary, live in the most modern apartment in a posh colony of the capital city, and own a decent car, still, single, virgin without an heir. Ah, only if life could give a #SecondChance to me I would like to change my future life. I would like to: 1. Marry – an old friend, who has been an admirer since the beginning; 2. Go on a world tour for a honeymoon; and 3. Will try for a child.

“I tell of hearts and souls and dances… 
Butterflies and second chances;
Desperate ones and dreamers bound,
Seeking life from barren ground,
Who suffer on in earthly fate…”

Though I am 41 now and understand that fulfillment of the wishes of #SecondChance will come with more responsibility; yet with MaxLife Insurance I am confident I would be able to save and secure the future of my family.

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.


2 thoughts on “Dreamers Bound, Hope Second Chance Around

  1. Very well written post. I wish you good-luck that you get to marry your old friend, go on honeymoon with her and you both turn parents. I believe not all are fortunate enough to get a second-chance in life and if you get it, you should never miss it 🙂

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