My first love: My life forever


The first love starts naturally; within the family – with parents, siblings. Though this is the purest form of love still, some amount of expectation is attached to it. As the person get exposed to the outside world the true love starts emerging with friendship. Love of a friend is a simple caring one, without anticipating much in return. When such bonding evolves to find its true place it may turn into infatuation or it may mellow as love.

It started with a simple holding of hands to cross the road and she turned into the fantasy of my life. She was a simple and cute girl. Short heightened, shoulder length shiny black hair, spell bounding black eyes, big enough to kill someone mere with an eye-full look, long dark eye-lashes and a lovely smile posing dazzling white teeth inside a curvy line of pink lips. The black embroidered suit added to her beauty. In her one hand, I noticed the bangles – seemed nearly 5 inches to my inexperienced assumption – with glittering fine jewels, and on the other was a complementing wrist watch. I hadn’t noticed her high heel sandals until I saw her walking towards me. My heart skipped a beat as she said, “Excuse me”. The voice was clear and sharp, yet soothing to the ear.

It was a café in the main city. I was killing time for my next appointment while she was new to the city, a visitor, waiting for a friend to take her for shopping. She asked me to have some chat with her as she was getting bored sitting alone. The next thing happened to us was that we left everything behind; spent the whole day in the coffee bar. She was to board the evening flight to her city. We bid adieu smilingly. She moved forward to catch the cab across the road. Suddenly I cried out her name seeing the bike coming. She halted; I held her hand and moved to the other side. And we became friends.

It is beautiful to express love and, even more, beautiful to feel it. Our chatting started at the café never did stop – for we share the same passion about almost everything. Still, both of us were hesitant to express our feelings for each other. Five glorious years of friendship spent happily. Nothing could happen till the day she asked me why you don’t find a Punjabi groom for me. One of her two obsessions was to suffix her name with a Punjabi surname. And the second was she herself. She had always mentioned, “My First Love is me”. Her obsession remained till we met once again in her city and I proposed her holding her from behind, close to her ears. And she became my first love, my life forever.

Every morning before the sun rises till the late hours of the night our emotions surges like the tide on a full moon. The time isn’t enough to fulfill the strong desire to hold each other passionately and surrender ourselves before nature. The society is holding us, yet the language of signs says one day my first love should be my soul mate.

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One thought on “My first love: My life forever

  1. Its really important to say “Iloveyou” when you really mean them. I am glad to read you did say it to your first love. There’s no love like the first love, trust me and I hope you unite soon.

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