The Pumpkinhead

Friendship is a blessing. We must have earned some credit in our previous incarnation that we are blessed with some of the wonderful friends in this life. For a long friendship to bloom a matching wavelength is a prime factor. One should have something in common – the zeal to live life, passion for study, obsession for money, love for movie/music, a sense of humour, a boosting dose of dope, or, at least, the need.

My friendship with Abhilash didn’t happen on any of the above note. Perhaps I didn’t find myself anywhere near him. Abhilash was introduced to me by Harmendra during my graduation. We were in the same class. If I go by looks, it is him, about whom I had mentioned in my post-A Cup of Coffee, whom you can’t see on a new moon day. The one good thing about him is that he wears all shades of white. You don’t have to watch the golden era movies for a recall of Black & White age.BW_hands

Abhilash was less into studies and more into retail pharma business of his uncle. He often could have been seen with a list of medicines and a carton full of it on the way back from college, being the medicines stockists were near our college. He had always made use of every drop of fuel in his Bajaj Chetak. In fact Harmendra made friendship with him for two reasons: one, he was the next door neighbour. So, Harmendra got a free pick and drop to college. The second reason is about a girl and a bit personal. So, let’s leave if for the privacy of the weaker sex.

Abhilash was a tube-light when it comes to anything, even a simple joke. Telling him a joke was a big time exercise. Loud by voice yet he stammers. The funniest part was the act of beating his head with his right hand in order to divert his mind from the hitch. That’s not all; he used to answer everything in the most practical manner and with proof. Once my mother saw him after a long period and asked how he had been all those days. His reply was, “Aunt, *cough*, *cough*, thoda khaansi ho gaya hai, bass” [just caught a bit cough, that’s it].

Once, while doing coaching for the Chartered Accountancy course, he didn’t attend the class. Instead came back home late. When asked the reason he explained, “I saw a girl in the metro, I liked her, and went to some far station following her and then to a movie, but she was with her boyfriend so I came back home.” Uff! It was a buzz among us that before asking anything to Abhilash, just be sure you are free for next hour. Not that he was talkative; it was just that he was fond of describing the story in the most detailed way, however, good or bad, from the foundation.

Apart from a couple of bad habits, there was nothing wrong with Abhilash. And to confess, I couldn’t personally have been able to cope up with him on any day. There is only one reason for this – my inability to muddle up with dolts. I can’t ‘explain’ my wits and at times sarcasm to anyone. Apart from all sympathy with him, this ‘mandbudhhi’ or ‘pumpkinhead’ remained the butt of all jokes, always.

For the reason, Abhilash happened to be a distant friend only. He is helpful. We are still in touch. He keeps sharing his personal life, but I never felt the need of sharing them with him. All through these years, I was his friend but he didn’t ever become mine. Abhilash had graduated to a C&F agent, and those from Delhi would understand what the ‘C’ means.

Abhilash isn’t a ‘C’!

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – No Pun Intended! THREE
The person portrayed above is real life character. The name has been changed to protect the identity.


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