To my dream wife

dil ke ujale kaaGaz par ham kaisaa giit likhe.n
bolo tum ko Gair likhe.n yaa apanaa miit likhe.n!!

My Dear P

Whenever I think about the time I had spent with you the imagination leaves me in amazement. It’s been nine long years we are together now. It seems as if it happened yesterday. Started with sharing beautiful couplets of ghazal; those borrowed lines were my own expression. The intense meaning leads us through the future. Our friendship became unbeatable day by day and grew to the stage of liking. We never realised when we fall in love with each-other. The depth of love developed as if we are one soul in two bodies.

The sharing of different emotions during these nine years has been like living with the properties of nine planets in the solar system. We have seen each and every colour of it; and it made our bonding strong, as solid as the power of the Sun. We have really come a long way in our journey.

We are so much involved with each other, it’s hard to distinguish our own identity. The likings have interchanged. Gradually, we have started loving the likings of our other half. Your presence had made me from cypher to significant. Love has given a new meaning to my life.

My love, once I had said the three golden words in your ears, now I want to see the three words reflecting in your mesmerising eyes. I want to see the glow in your eyes when you read my re-engagement with emotions of love with you. You have touched the inner core of my heart. Now I want your physical and intimate presence in my life. Come out of my dreams for once my darling.

I wanted to open my eyes this morning with you by my side, but it couldn’t happen. I am sure our prayer will not go in vain. My belief in ‘signs’ has given me the confidence to think beyond the obvious and I hope, on this day next year, we shall be together realising our dream of a lifetime, together. Waiting for you, my dream girl, my babydoll, my wife, my life, to come out of my dream, my fantasies and shower your love on me.

Happy Valentine’s Day my love!!
Yours forever…G


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