Bedtime rituals for my little one


My spouse tells me suddenly that she has some urgent work to do and I find her writing on her Ipad/blogging or tweeting. She even sometimes jumps out of bed and runs to the study; I don’t worry because I know she is going to write down some story idea.  She and I have arguments on story line, synonyms, or characters that exist only on paper- at the table/ watching TV and sometimes during our romantic moments. Our weekends are mostly at bookstores where she gets into the shelves and I enjoy my espresso coffee at the cafe. I sometimes remind her (when I am at home) to bathe, eat, do laundry, or wash dishes and cook or even take rest for some time. Along all this we have shared the responsibility of upbringing of our little daughter Gungun. During the day I work and she takes care and when she sits to write in the night I take care.

When Gungun was born, I promised her that I would try my best to be a good father and share parenting responsibilities equally. As a father, I strongly believe I should be active participant in my child’s life.

Here are some fun bedtime rituals I share with my daughter, and how they help give my baby a good night’s sleep.

  1. When I am home, I switch off my mobile(s) and do not use the laptop or internet (they belong to my spouse post evening). My daughter has such a smiling face that moment our eyes meet, she responses so well that I can’t stop myself from kissing to show my love.
  2. As our baby sleeps with us in our bedroom, ever since her birth, I have aimed for low lightening with some reading lights, light weight spreads, soft pillows and made it a no sound zone. She doesn’t need music like her mother to sleep.
  3. My spouse has made a plan which is a mix of personal inclination and common sense and most important if I will be able to follow it. Thanks to her intelligence, the list is in my favour.
  4. I make Gungun brush her teeth which is really very important for health reasons, and over time it helps to send the go to sleep signals.
  5. She likes water; she is not scared of it so I make her wash her face with warm water. Another signal to tell the little one it’s time to sleep.
  6. A warm bubble water bath helps my daughter to relax. It is a fun experience of being clean, comfy and dry. I learnt to gently massage her limbs and also relax by having her tighten and release muscles, starting from the toes and moving up her body.
  7. I change her into a clean diaper and loose pajamas. Selecting the right diaper for the baby is a tough job with so many in the market. But as I went with my spouse choice (wife can never be wrong) we opted for the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants a new generation diapers which just not only keeps dry from outside but also inside. It doesn’t disturb my daughter’s sleep and makes her wake up happy in the morning.
  8. I love talking to my baby softly with a smile. It connects me to tell her about my day and ask her day too. She is so talkative that she even tells me what her mother did during the day.
  9. I feel it’s important for the child to be taught about importance of a prayer. I pray before I sleep and I have started teaching her a few simple words of giving thanks to the almighty.
  10. I wish a happy and peaceful goodnight to her, the moon, the stars, the teddy bear and all her dolls.

The bedtime rituals which I share with my baby are prized for me and I will always treasure these moments and I thank my spouse for giving me this chance to become close with my little one, be aware of the child’s moods/feelings and position my practicalities for being a great father. There’s no other calmness when I see when my little angel Gungun sleeping serenely and sometimes she nods off in my arms or on my chest while I put her to sleep and I can’t refuse myself from kissing her forehead and hugging her gently.

Note to my spouse: I love you; I love your creativity. Its part of the reason I fell in love with you. I am your biggest support. Your adventure and success in all your writings celebrates us both.


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