Multifarious personality

One should stand for something else they will fall for anything. Sajiv alias Duddu has been such a person. He took a stand for many a thing in life, yet fall for some frivolous thing which he felt was important during that span of time. He is a person who is proud of his being and lives life on his own terms. At some moment, such people might seem selfish but at the end, on close scrutiny, they somehow tend to be right. He knew where to be jovial, where to be grave; where to take things nonchalantly and where on stride.

Duduu is all about taking calculated risk. Once he left home at quite young age – I think just at 15 – and went to Benaras (Varanasi). That was the first time I saw tears in the eyes of his Police Superintendent father. I still remember when we asked him about Duddu’s well being his words were, “aaplog uske dost hain, aaplogon ko hi pata hoga kahan gaya hai” (you people are his friend, you must be knowing where he has gone). But Duddu never realises over any sentiments then. He came back only when he was left with no money with him. He didn’t feel shy in returning home as if it was his right, and why not he was the eldest child.

A kind of playboy, girls were after the life of my 6’3″ well built handsome friend. He too most of the time showed interest in them; not sure when it was infatuation and when he was actually in love. At least, I knew about his two serious affairs – one before his marriage, during graduation, and the other years after his marriage. I think that aspect of anyone’s life is too personal to touch without their consent. So, I am omitting them for now. His image of being a hot-cake among young girls wasn’t hidden from his parents. Once a friend named Bhanu called at his residence number. Duddu’s dad collected the call. As Bhanu asked about Duddu his dad answered, “why only Duddu?! I am also young, handsome, well built…” Bhanu hanged-up saying “stupid”. The fault was that Bhanu’s voice and style are like a typical girl; and he is a successful fashion designer now – an ideal profession for his kind of matching voice and style. Anyway!

Though Duddu was well built like a cop and son of an influential police officer yet he wasn’t a spoiled kid. He always use his brain and become the unsaid script writer of the actual drama of whatever – fight, love, affair, teasing. He would never advise if he isn’t getting anything out of it. A simple entertainment would have enough to satisfy his instinct.

Everyone plans many a thing, acts on few of them and proceeds with the one they succeed in. Duddu too washed his hands in many things including studies and earnings. He studied science, commerce, attempted for CA, CS and settled with a franchise business of computer education, involved in ‘betting’, got involved into the erection of mobile towers, and now into a full time building construction. Entrepreneur of our group. Whatever he does, he never hesitates to accept his ability and nothing did ever stop him from changing his thinking or act. And I believe a happy person is one who doesn’t falls for anything and everything; there should be a class too. And Duddu knew it very well.

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – No Pun Intended! FIVE
The person portrayed above is real life character. The name has been changed to protect the identity.


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