Upgrade your Car with Quikr NXT!


About five years back on the auspicious day of Dhanteras, I bought my Alto K10 which has been a part of my life since then. I was planning to buy a car since 2006 and when I was handed over the keys in the showroom, I was very happy as my long dream had turned true. At the time of the delivery of my car, I was not a practised driver hence I was depended on someone else to drive the car home. But soon after I turned an expert in driving and I can brag that I have more than 80,000 kilometres of driving experience in these 5 years of owning Alto.

Today the loan amount has been paid-off. My car had paid back its value and I want to upgrade to a new one – a bigger car. My idea was to sell my existing car and buy a second hand car better than my existing one without much time gap so that I don’t miss having a car. I put up an ad in my apartment announcement board that I plan to sell my car and also in need of a second hand car in the big size segment and also I told about my plan to whomever I met at work, locality, market, and club. I wanted someone in my known circle to buy my car so that there would be less of snags. But this did not help me. I did contact some car brokers through a paper ad but instead of disposing my car at the first stance they were more concerned in selling me a big car through their company.

In a casual chat I told my friend who lives in Hyderabad about my horrid experiences of not able to upgrade my car, he immediately suggested me to browse http://www.quikr.com/, I hardly knew about this website. My friend briefed me about it and told me his own experience of buying a new laptop by disposing his old desktop computer to a genuine buyer without any hassles and fear. Trusting my friend, I without more ado opened an account in Quikr and looked for posts relating to cars. After 2 days I could not believe I got a response from a local person who showed interest to buy my Alto. Also I did find new deals on Honda Amaze, the big car I was wanting to upgrade to in the classifieds of Quikr.

I informed this to my friend that my dream of upgrading to a bigger car is going to be true soon as that model of Amaze which I wanted is for sale, my friend than told me about the mobile app released by Quikr, called #QuikrNXT. I installed it straight away. After going through the app, I realised it has many advantages such as – seller who wishes to sell his product could chat online with serious buyers and decide on the best bid. There is feature of photo sharing which makes deals more interactive and easy for both the parties. There is direct communication between sellers/buyers, without a mediator, which saves on the commissions. It makes the seller easy to track whether the buyer to whom he is selling has agreed to his terms and conditions. I could chat at my own convenience, there is no requirement of sharing the number and save the conversations, without getting disturbing phone calls or fraudsters taking me for a ride.

After many questions asked and answered, I zeroed on a buyer first who was living very close by to my home. The buyer wanted to buy a small car for his wife on her birthday and my Alto was that perfect gift. The buyer met me at my home. He was thrilled to see the car which was in good shape. It was well maintained, single person driven, I offered the best price and mileage, and thereby it turned out to be the best deal for me and the buyer, on in general. He agreed to pay me the price which I had posted on ad on Quikr.

I am going to close the deal with the same buyer very soon and upgrade to a bigger car the new Honda Amaze in the Indian New Year i.e. after Holi. Not just one but I have more than 20 second hand Honda cars shortlisted and I had chat with the sellers too who are selling the car at reasonable price and in very good condition. I am sure #QuikrNXT will make my Holi COLOURFUL with a new second-hand car in my parking that’s better than my existing one.

I really wanted to upgrade my car, but one way or another my intuitions did not agree me to let go my car to the wrong hands or allow me to buy a new car without disposing off the existing one. I thanked my friend who introduced me to Quickr especially the app #QuikrNXT how good and easy it was to dispose my car and also it made me upgrade to a big car through the app by getting me good and worthy deals.

Try Quikr-No fikar, Chat Quikr.!!

“This post is a part of Happy Hours activity by Indiblogger in connection with Quikr NXT!


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