Love, optimism and future



It is amazing how she is so wonderfully giving and loving. Her love is unconditional and forever. And once she forgives, she really forgets. She doesn’t dig out the heavy artillery even when she has the best opportunities to do so. It is lovely how she manages to hear me out for hours. Never says me I am wrong (even if I have behaved like the worst jerk in the world). And when I ask for her opinion she gives it without managing to make me feel a worm.

The most adorable thing about her is her blush. It speaks volume and conveys things which even she won’t openly admit to me. It is a real turn-on when she blushes at me. It shows she more than cares, she is crazy about me.

Her smile. I dig her smile. Now when she smiles, she really smiles. No pretends, she smiles from her heart and speaks with her eyes. It is amazing how many ways she smiles. She has a tender smile, loving smile, a “what will I do with you” smile, a saucy grin, smile of gentle indulgence and the complete smile which says “whatever you are, however you are, I love you”.

She gets all in a frenzy, when she want to let me know of her achievements, her eyes say “ I want you to be proud of me” but she will die rather than admit it, after all she only wanted to let me know about it.

She is funny and she thinks I’m funny too. She loves to read, she probably reads more than I do. She likes to do the crossword, join the dotes and coloring.

My god! Her temper, she gets all fluttered, says all sorts of things she doesn’t means, is generally very harsh and then burst into tears. Now help me out here, who is the one being yelled at?

I am often amazed at the silence of her. If I were to dish out even half the crap she dishes out every day I would raise a hue and cry. But she bears it all and comes out smiling. She even manages to love the jerk who does it all to her.

I love her  do good attitude and her ideas to reform me to better person (my habit of procrastinating turns her off) and I know it will hurt her if I don’t change. The most beautiful and irresistible thing about her is her tears. It is guaranteed to break down the hardest of resistances and melt the stoniest hearts. For me when she cries she is opening up completely before me and trusts me enough for it. It also shows the breaking of all the barriers she builds up.

I can’t tell you any single thing that I love about her, she is the perfect mix that makes me go weak kneed. The sensuality combined with nurturing, the naughtiness combined with caring, the vivacity coupled with understanding.

Being optimistic is my preference. I look for the light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible to start seeing the glass as half full, not half empty. In fact you may come to realize that glasses are generally full – it’s just that magnitude attracts the more opaque fluid stuff towards the base.

Sometimes I worry about everything, but she comforts with me a smile and it takes away all my problems. I feel good to be optimistic and be positive with her presence around. We both have positive mental status, we are optimistic about our lives, and we are hopeful for a bright future together.

“This post is a part of Happy Hours activity by Indiblogger in connection with #LookUpStories.” 


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