Dry Baby is Happy Baby

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Theme: What are the things that make your baby happy? Write a post about the sweet, silly and fun things that make your baby happy, and how a dry diaper contributes to your baby’s happy moments.

I always ensure that we both are raising a healthy and happy baby. Our hugs, smiles, encouraging looks, sweet songs, and silly games, all serve the baby in very many ways which gives emotional support and lead to greater bonding, and these symbols of affection shape social learning. Babies reflect symbols of affection; so, a happy parent will definitely make a baby happy.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling when my baby looks up at me and smiles. Just as the whole world has dropped away and nothing else matters to me but trying to make the smile happen again. I like to make my baby happy through playing and singing, massage, tickling, cuddling and motivating by books, colours, cartoons, and also by creating such a warm environment at home for my child to turn into a happy, healthy and smiley baby!

My baby loves her bouncy seat, I place her on it and I jingle with her plastic keys, she gets easily distracted by the sound and the colours and plays with it. I like talking to my baby and the moment she hears my voice, she smiles and feels happy. When I talk to her, I make funny sounds, sometimes even make faces. My baby loves to be talked to and have attention focused on her. I usually walk around the house with her in my arms so she can see what is going on. Both of us take our baby out to park and make her see the bigger kids play, she feels happy being outside in the fresh air among the nature and environment. Even going to a nearby area, like the car parking, corner store, or checking the mailbox entertains her so much.

I read her various types of story books with different voices, tones, pitches, gruffness, and accents, to make it interesting for her. I always show her the pictures from the book. She listens carefully. I am sure she would turn a book worm when she grows up.

My baby is little girl but she has her favourite blanket, we both play a lot hiding in it, and it does bring lots of smiles to her. She loves when I nibble feet, fingers, or neck.

When it comes to music, my baby and I have the same choice, she keeps a happy face when I put on my favourite music in the car or home. And when I smile and acts delighted by a song, and repeat it over and over, in time she reacts to it happily.

My baby loves her bath; it makes her clean and happy. I take off her clothes and put her in the bathtub to play for a while. I love pampering her after the bath. It is important for the baby to be dry to be happy and active, I use new Pampers Baby Dry Pants for my child, we both don’t have to worry about grouchy wetness, and baby can enjoy her day dancing and playing around and in the night sleep calmly. This new Pampers Baby Dry Pants are also really soft and do not break out my little girl’s skin like a lot of other diapers do.

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