Folly of the Wise – II

Mighty Enemy in Nearest Vicinity

One vice associated with human life is gluttony. Every living organism takes food in natural raw form. No organism spices up its food by cooking, roasting, frying, adding spices or sugar etc. Man learnt the art of cooking, preparing delectable meals and in the name of taste, started eating all that was unworthy of consumption. This gave rise to numerous disorders of digestive system, many diseases and the reduction in the lifespan. Instead of indulging in this vice, if proper vegetarian food habits were adopted, then consumption of food could have been cut down to half. Even the expenses and effort spent in cooking could have been saved. Digestive disorders could have been avoided, energies could have been conserved and an opportunity could have been created for living a longer life. But, man prefers to be a slave to this vice. He keeps indulging in gluttony and invites weakness, and untimely death. What else could one call this behaviour, but imprudence?

People live in houses but they do not care to construct them in a way that it is properly ventilated and sunlight can reach all corners. A simple hut makes sufficient provision for elementary human needs but it is seen that people who have riches instead prefer to live in huge, over-furnished houses lighted with artificial lights and kept closed for air-conditioning. Their avarice and grabbing of land deprives millions of others of even bare minimum space of living. Those who can afford adequate space too often live in houses that, especially in the urban areas, are dark and suffocating. As a result, they live in houses that are rotting with seepage, bearing children and accumulating filth around them. People long for lavish food, but sufficient attention is not paid to balance of vital nutritious elements and to cleanliness of food, water and air. Not only the external atmospheric pollution, people’s own houses, routing and eating habits too cause serious damage to their health.

Had man lived in harmony with Nature, had he not adopted abnormal diet, had he not restrained his exposure to clean air and sunlight, he could have avoided the torture resulting from varieties of health hazards.

Diseases are disconcerting as they bring along several hardships like physical pain, loss of working hours, increased load of expenses, inconvenience to other members of the family, chance of infecting others etc. Good health is natural. It is God’s blessing that He has granted to all the living organisms of His creation. Man is the only unfortunate creature to have taken undesirable steps of breaking Nature’s discipline and inviting host of diseases. It is said that one bears the fruit of one’s Karma after death. While this may be true for other actions but disobeying Nature in one’s lifestyle is a sin that certainly invites punishment in this life itself.

Intoxication is another sort of defiance against Nature. Those addicted to Tobacco, Cannabis, Opium, alcohol etc enfeeble themselves, fritter away their money, jeopardize the future of their family members, suffer humiliation and eventually become victims of diseases like cancer etc. They feel uncomfortable themselves and live a neglected and humiliating life of a’ criminal’ amongst their friends and relatives as well.

In spite of the awareness about all that has been said so far, people neglect the laws of Nature. Is this their wisdom or their folly? Other living organisms do become victims of divine demur but can never be disgraced for treading the wrong path. But, the man’s deeds seem to suggest that he has deliberately adopted this defiant position against Nature. In such a situation, it surely raises a question mark on his sagacity.

Failure to understand the importance, nature and meaning of life and draining this supreme resource for disdainful purposes also has far reaching consequences. Precious life is exhausted on futile tasks. Moreover the burden of sins resulting from the misdeeds (triggered by ego, selfishness and avarice) gets piled up. Consequently, one suffers the penalty of a downfall and eventual collapse in this life and beyond.

Courtesy: “Samajhadaron Ki Nasarnajhi” by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Dr. Pranav Pandya


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