Start A New Life


Theme: Tell us about a time when you took a bold step, and brought about a big change in your own life. Share your story with the world using #StartANewLife.

She was beautiful, with brown hair, freckles, glossy eyes and super shy, quite, her face would turn beat red anytime I would talk to her it was so cute.

One day she suddenly came to me and told me I didn’t act like her boyfriend because I didn’t know when she was sad or tired.

 “This relationship isn’t working”, She said.

 I replied “yes if you feel that way, I think the same as well.”

 There was a long silence and then she said, “I’ll see you around” and hung up.

It was a planned dump. She texted me asking if I was mad at her, it was her friend who made her do so.

We did not meet personally for couple of weeks, but we were around each other constantly as we had the same friends.

All these were just lame excuses because I know the real reason was that my best friend (since my school times) flirted with her, told her to dump me and then he would dump his girlfriend to be with her.

I lost both my girlfriend and best friend. She was my first love so this was the first time I ever felt so lost, and the shock of finding out my best friend deceived me to get my girlfriend hurt me so bad. My heart broke; my trust was shattered by two people I used to love.

I decided to stand up to myself. Moving on in life from her and my best friend was difficult but that was the bold decision I took for my better being and #StartANewLife. The break up from love and friendship opened doors to new opportunities in my life.

I left my home, went to on a trip all by my own. I ventured into the great unknown; I did not opt for spending my days lying around and watching sad movies. I got in touch with my old friends, made some new friends too. I allowed myself to see that there are others who may come to appreciate me. I realized that there really are other fish in the sea.

And then came, the big change in my life, the appointment letter! I had applied for a job in Delhi and I had forgotten about it while going through the nasty phase. I packed my bags and left for Delhi. It was a breath of fresh air. I felt freedom. When the plane lifted off the ground, I laughed so loudly because I couldn’t contain my happiness. I was at a height where nothing and no-one could affect me. The 2hours flight was the most blissful experience of my entire life. I had only seen Delhi on the big screen but even then, I had high hopes and BIG expectations.

The break up and betrayal made me stronger person. I take life as a breeze and find it much easier to be funny, laugh and be silly than to be serious.  I forgave both of them in my heart. I’ll be looking forward to karma paying them a visit sometime soon.


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