The Gentle Animal

Eyes are one of the precious gifts to a mankind or every living being. For human eyes to see an object certain distance is required. To be precise, and as mentioned somewhere else, the minimum distance should be 15 centimetres. The man has to ensure just one thing – the 15-centimetre distance should be maintained in objects only. In relationship one should forget the distance and come as close as possible, so that one can’t see the evils in the person they love, the person they die for, the person with whom they share their feelings, their emotions, the first person they think of in the time of distress, without being selfish. And s/he gives you the most genuine advice. Prabhu has been such a person in my life.

Friendship with Prabhu takes me to the April of 1991. ‘Lollypop’ introduced me to him at the roof of my house in the darkness of load shedding era, for he too got admitted to the same college in eleventh and was alone in his group who braved to join the commerce stream. I never imagined this pajama-clad six feet tall, an introvert guy with thin hairs could become my bestie in the times to come. And today and every day I offer my thanks to God, whatever He does, does for our best; that’s different we aren’t wise enough to understand his doings. Prabhu is a diamond among other precious stones in my box of friends.

The golden days of college, we had spent together. Going to college, spending summer days playing carrom board at his home, evenings having samosas with most authentic mustard sauce at Sadhu’s Dhaba, attending tuition classes and sitting for joint studies till late night during exams. and watching movies first day first show. On those other days when our intellect scratched, we would attend quizzes, dramas, did social work under the banner of our own founded short-time NGO, discussed career, further studies etc. And after completing graduation, one fine day, Prabhu shifted to Delhi for his MBA in Marketing and HR.

After moving to Delhi Prabhu transformed into a great personality. Apart from a great dressing sense, he evolved himself like Siddhu. From a person of few words, he became a non-stop chatter and extremely social. Though being in many circles, he never falls for any bad habits.

Prabhu was a serious studious guy. During his MBA all his classmates were in ‘relationship’ and his young blood forced him to try to fall in love. So, the desperate Prabhu thought of proposing the soberest girl of his class. One blessed day he saw Jyoti writing something in his notepad in the empty classroom. Our guy gathered courage, find a place beside her and entered into a conversation: “Hi Jyoti, what’s up?”. “Writing a letter to my boyfriend” there came the reply. Boyfriend?! The second and last hope of the poor guy went into the drain. He first attempted to hand over a ‘love letter’ during teenage to his neighbour Swati and her lawyer grandfather called on him on Holi and taught him all the ‘rules’ of being a good neighbour. The grandpa was his father’s acquaintance, and he thought to give ‘aahuti’ (sacrifice) of Swati.

While I used to advice my other friends on ‘any’ matter, I looked up to Prabhu in my personal matters. So, when I shifted to Delhi he was an extremely good support. Despite his extremely busy schedule, we somehow find time to hang out late at night and have fun. Whenever we didn’t feel like cooking we used to call any of friend, neighbour and ask them to invite us for dinner. He commands such an excellent PR. The most suffered one of his such PR was his landlady.

But time flies at a greater speed than the jet. Prabhu got transferred at many places including Patna, Indore, Ranchi, Lucknow and Hyderabad for a brief period. Now he is in Patna having his share of fun with family, friends, fans and followers. After 24 years of friendship, he is still the same person: gentle, down to earth, amicable and loveable. Being with a personality like his is a bliss.

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – No Pun Intended! SEVEN
The person portrayed above is real life character. The name has been changed to protect the identity.


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