Together with daddy

The power of being #together got me thinking back to my childhood and my relationship with my father. I believe that “Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” I know my daddy as a person who worked hard to provide us a wonderful life. I believe I cannot repay him for all the various things he has done for our own good.

I have many memorable moments with my dad growing up. We were so close and I miss that closeness we had. I really can’t pick just one memorable moment.

I used to remember that back when I was young, dad used to pick me from school; I would always request that we drop by somewhere where we can eat ice creams, cotton candy, and the like to satisfy my appetite for the afternoon snacks. For that, he always agreed.

When we moved places (due to his job), in fact, the bond even got tighter, not only between me and my dad, but also among dad, me, and my siblings. We used to jog across the compound, fly kites in the open fields, as well as go bike or scooter in the subdivision where we have relocated. I remember piggy back rides on his shoulders and thumb wrestles.

When I was kid my dad would put me on his lap and read me books. I think he’s one of the major people who instilled the love of reading in me; it opened up new worlds for me. I really admire my dad for motivating me from childhood.

Daddy showed me some of his favourite places and sometimes we just drove around and visited some of the places where neither of us had been before. When I was a teenager we had a dog and almost every evening my father and I took the dog for a walk. We talked a lot, often had a cup of coffee or a drink somewhere. I learned from my early years to appreciate the time I have with my family.

But alongside with all these delightful memories, I can still clearly recall my cries whenever my dad scolded me or did not talk to me for my disruptive behaviour. The discipline process reminded me of my wrong doings for they are there to serve as punishments for not obeying the rules. I believe through some of the lessons such as these, daddy wanted me to note they are very important to look up in life with optimism.

  1. I cannot do all things in life upon my will and there will be a border for limitations,
  2. I should not only regard myself but also others,
  3. For every wrong doing, there always comes an appropriate correction.

I would have been doomed if I had missed this part of my childhood in life for if I were not dealt proper discipline, I would not have been shaped in this kind of person that I am now who had been wrought from an appropriate nurture.


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