My Smartphone Journey


Topic: We all remember our first bicycle ride, first vacation, first sleepover and so on. Our firsts are always something we will remember no matter what, so why not our first smartphone experience? We want to know what you would #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E!

In the last decade and a half, technologies have changed rapidly especially in the communication technology. Mobile services have been pioneer. It is device dependent technology. One can enjoy the service(s) only if he/she has a device – a device to communicate with.

These devices have gone through a huge phase of changes: from thick and heavy monochrome screens to smallest one, from coloured screen with camera and frequency module radio to smartphones having QWERTY keypads; and then to large and flashy touch-screens. The handsets developed into a fashion accessory, flaunted by the young & tech savvy people. With technology, the handset has delivered different satisfying factors to people having diverse requirements. Yet the memory of first mobile handset is worth to be recalled.

Siemens was my first mobile phone given by my office considering the maverick nature of my job; and more than my monthly salary in the year 2001. It was a basic monoblock phone with dim screen light and a small keypad. Every service was charged, the incoming & outgoing calls and the messages. The mobile enabled me to play only tring and ping and send SMS’s. There was nothing to do except these two in the handset. There were couple of weird game applications which I never explored out of my disinterest. For me mobile phone was to be connected via voice and paid-text. Later, I used many mobiles but the remembrance of the first is always unforgettable.

This year I want to upgrade my phone and I #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the new Moto E. I have not yet joined the bandwagon of the smartphone users as I could not find the right smartphone keeping my budget in mind. This is when I came to know about the new Moto E. It is rightly affordable mobile with an icing on the top, it being a smartphone. I never used any Motorola handsets in the past. The new Moto E has the latest software, features and functionality which make it better-quality than the other budgeted smartphones available in the market. I feel blessed; this handset got launched at the right time when I wanted to buy my first smartphone.


New Moto E blows you away with the graphic display, excellent touch interface and is way better than present smartphones. The body of the phone is sturdy. With the 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics, we can effortlessly switch between different applications. Listening to music and browsing the web can be done at the same time. The 1 GB RAM of the smartphone makes it future-ready. The device comes with a 2390 mAh battery designed to last all day long so we do not have to worry about charging the device often or power banks. The handset can be transformed into a camera with a simple twist of the wrist. Click to shoot beautiful pictures or capture videos with the 5 MP shooter. Moto E measures 129.9 x 66.8 mm and its curved design makes it comfortable to hold the phone in the hand.  With the front facing speakers music gets a different experience of a higher level. The water-repellent coating and Corning Gorilla Glass protects the phone from damage. The anti-smudge coating on the screen keeps the fingerprints away. The sharpest display in its class, images and text that appear crystal-clear on the 4.5″ qHD screen of the New Moto E, makes watching videos or reading books an incredible experience.

For a person like me, who wants to use a phone like a phone and wants Android features, New Moto E will not disappoint and is beats all middle-of-the-road phones in expensive range!

This is a revolution! Getting all features at an amazing price, proves good technology is within our means and can have mass appeal!

Now anyone can afford a smartphone, so what are you waiting for? #ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the New Moto E.

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