Women need not be dependent – II

Man has lost an important collaborator who could have assisted him in his development, comforts and happiness…

What Have Men Achieved by Oppressing Women?

Who gained what by pushing woman to this pitiable state? Woman suffered a big loss but man did not gain from this either. By depriving woman of her basic human rights, she was forced into a state of constraints and helplessness but what did man get in return? He lost an important collaborator who could have assisted him in his development, comforts and happiness and landed in a situation where he has to carry her like a heavy load on his own shoulders.

Even today, supporting the family is the sole responsibility of man in larger part of the world. It consumes him completely and makes him pensive and worried. How precarious is the situation, becomes dear when a woman with four-five children becomes a widow at a young age. The savings from her husband’s earnings gets consumed on illness etc. After his death, the widow and children do not find a shelter anywhere – neither at parent’s place nor with the in-laws. Children are scorned at every step and when they somehow grow up amidst such deprivation and contempt they most often become uncivilized and uncouth.

Mother’s pain and agony knows no bounds. She lives like a corpse and somehow survives only under the compulsion of her affection towards her innocent children. There are numerous examples of such existence. Such plight presents its ugly face at almost every nook and corner and is a result of the insane and cruel custom where no opportunities are provided to woman for her education and independence. If she had also received these facilities, she would not have been a burden on anyone and would instead have been a helping hand in healthy development and advancement of the family-members.

If half the population lives as a cripple and the other half bears its burden then this situation is similar to that of a half paralysed sufferer. There is no comfort in this situation for either the healthy part or the paralysed part. It can be termed a big folly of the wise. Except meeting the shallow purpose of feeding man’s ego, it yields nothing to be pleased about and nothing that could assist in progress of the society and the nation. In fact it has impeded or retarded our ascent on most fronts.

It should be understood that by trampling his capable collaborator, man has only increased his own burden and introduced darkness in his own future. The purpose of sexual satisfaction, which was taken to its extremes and which was forced upon women, is not completely served either. In the entrapped state that woman is in, what can be conducted is only a rape. Pleasure is attained through dedicated cooperation and that happens only if proper attention is given to the development and comforts of the partner. Harmony can only be nurtured in the environment of service and gratitude and collaboration surely bears good fruit.

Immense Potential of Women:

Factually, woman’s proficiency, dexterity and capability is no less than that of man. She is forced to bear children and citing this as a proof of her weakness, is then oppressed. This burden can be easily lightened. By pledging celibacy, or maintaining small family of at most two children, many couples have saved themselves from carrying this burden and have used the conserved energy in assisting each other to achieve greater competency and happiness. In such a situation they become like two balanced wheels of a cart that carry the loaded cart over a long distance and they both thus make their existence more meaningful.

Wherever she has found opportunities, woman has awakened her dormant capabilities and proved that she is ahead of man in every field. In the field of education, women score better than men. Her skills in the areas of education, medicine, art and science are better than men. She is not behind in business and industry either. Her backwardness is not inborn. It has been forced upon her. If the noose around her is loosened and an opportunity is provided for her independent talent to emerge then the balance would surely tilt to her side. In all living creatures there is only a slight difference between males and females and it does not imply that one could be considered more capable than the other. Both have their own specialities and capabilities. Confluence of these is an example of the strength that lies in unity. It is difficult to fathom what man gained by crippling half the population but it is clear that he suffered a huge loss.

Woman symbolizes goddess Lakshmi but only if she has been nurtured with intensive cooperation and support. Her emotional strength, her patience, her motherly affection alone can nurture lasting happiness and peace along with materialistic progress.

The mistake of suppressing her potentials has been committed over a long period of time and it has caused extensive damage. Time has arrived to correct this mistake and to instil new traditions. Blame lies with man and hence he must atone first. In his zone of influence, he must inspire everyone to leave no stone unturned in uplifting and making women capable of becoming independent, cultured and full of self respect, so that the proof of their development becomes visible on all fronts of familial, social and global rise.

Courtesy: Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Dr. Pranav Pandya


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