Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

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Topic:  Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta. With over a 100 mouthwatering recipes, Guptaji’s family sure know how to whip up the perfect breakfast for any occasion! Check out their recipes and tell us why you want to go to their house for nashta.

Breakfast is the first meal everyone eats after they wake up. After a sound sleep of eight hours and last time you ate something, breakfast gives us the right nutrition and fuel for your body to start your day.  I love eating and for me breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My breakfast, 4times a week is a crunchy bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal with low-fat milk and berries. Hearty and filling, and just what is needed to get me through my busy day at work. I never get bored of eating cornflakes as I change my flavours – Extra Muesli – Nuts Delight, Banana, Mango, SpecialK, Almond and Honey.

I wanted to experiment with my cornflakes breakfast when I took to online to search for new recipes and the moment Kelloggs website opened, I read the invitation “Nashta with Guptaji’s family, kya aap aayenge”. Guptaji’s family is the new talk of the town.

Let me introduce you to the family – Gattu ji (the very own Guptaji), Shalu ji (Mrs Gupta), elder teenage daughter Ritu, and the smarty naughty Rohan. I heard everyone in their neighbourhood keep asking them to invite for breakfast because Mrs. Shalu Gupta has over 100 recipes out of cornflakes. Amazing!! As a cornflakes fan I would definitely visit their house for breakfast.


For me just the very thought “100 different recipes from cornflakes”, is enough to make hungry and curious. What are those recipes? Are they sweet or savoury or spicy? Is she going to use milk or make them without milk? What more can be added in cornflakes apart from dry fruits or fresh fruits? Guptaji I am coming to your house, I can’t keep up with the suspense anymore.


The Gupta family calls their breakfast system “Anaaj Ka Nashta”. Mrs. Shalu Gupta prepares out of the ordinary breakfast varieties using Kellogg’s Cornflakes which are healthy and interesting to eat. The Kellogg’s breakfast recipe can be customized. I know it is unbelievable, but you can go through at the varieties created by Mrs. Shalu Gupta.

  • Smile Wala Nashta
  • Best Family Wala Nashta
  • Guest ko Impress Karne Wala Nashta
  • LOL Wala Nashta
  • Smashing Date Wala Nashta
  • Line pe Lane Wala Nashta
  • Chugli Wala Nashta
  • Chup Karane Wala Nashta
  • Homework Wala Nashta
  • Sanskar Wala Nashta
  • Movie Wala Nashta
  • Tiffin Wala Nashta
  • Jagah Banane Wala Nashta
  • First Crush Wala Nashta
  • Celebration Wala Nashta
  • Nakhre Wala Nashta
  • Remote Wala Nashta
  • Who Wala Nashta
  • BFF wala Nashta

Not just these, there is This Wala, That Wala, When Wala, Why Wala, Then Wala, You Wala, Mera Wala, Tera Wala, Sab Ka Wala Nashta. The list is never ending at Gupta family.

These breakfast recipes can be made in couple of minutes. I am very inquisitive to come to your house Guptaji to know the recipes of preparing few of breakfast items out of Kellogg’s Cornflakes.

Nashte pe kab bula rahe hain aap Guptaji Mujhe?



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