Dil ki deal story

I love surprises and my best friend knows well how to surprise me. This year not once but twice she did that. She sent me a Tommy Hilfiger Wallet a few days before Valentine’s Day and a hand written letter a few weeks later before fifth anniversary of our first meeting.

Every March and April I run very busy at work, with hardly any time to relax or to eat. I even worked on Sundays in these months. Suddenly at work it struck me that why don’t I reply to my best friend’s letter? I followed my heart. I wanted to make her feel special (as she made me feel). I wanted to do by words not by gifts. I pushed myself to paper and pen to write a poem for her. I felt it was a good way to show my affection towards her. I believe if written/composed correctly, a poem can bind a relationship forever.

I wrote a poem for my best friend. We have been friends for so long that I don’t even remember how many years have gone by. We’ve been through so much together and I know that whatever happens she’ll be the one person who will always be by my side! 🙂

Saw her over internet; met on the road;
Talked over the phone; proposed in the arms, unfold.
 In between, the high and low of life;
We rode the roller-coaster of our own scribe.

 Sometimes away; and mostly by my side;
She became my esprit, to energize.

 She liked my humor; I cherished her passion;
Whenever missed I’d kissed sans reason.
 The more we split our trust touched a new high;
I will love you, my best friend for the rest of my life!

I sent the poem to her the very next day. She called me up after she read the poem. The moment I heard her voice, I could make out that she was smiling. I know her so well that it was effortless for me to foresee her action. She was smiling and blushing throughout the phone conversation. She thanked me for writing a poem for her and suddenly there was a change in her voice, I could sense her eyes got filled with tears. She felt really special after reading the poem I sent her. It was something which she never expected. Just the way I treasure her letter, she treasures the poem written by me for her.

For me writing letters/notes/poems to my loved ones offer an experience that only my heart can understand. It makes me share my true feelings, sincere empathy, and zealous love, with deepest appreciation travelling from my heart through words.

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