Dil Ki Deal -2

A few years back I did something that seemed highly unlikely, I got myself a job miles away from my hometown. It was in Delhi, a city I wanted to live in. When I made the decision to move to Delhi, I wondered if it was possible to make my job a secured one. Initially, the logistics and distance made it seem like a mountain to climb, but once I made up my mind, nothing seemed impossible.

I started living all by myself; it taught me so many things. My expenses became minimal and I started saving for my future. It developed a sense of responsibility in me, earlier while living with family; I took a lot of things for granted. I enjoyed my life but at the end of the day when I came back from work, I lacked my family members especially my mother. I used to call my mother and siblings every night but I did miss having dinner with them, going out for shopping and spending some time talking and relaxing. I had to let go physical contact with almost every relationship that of a son, brother and friend.

My mother being my first friend, I always longed to hear her voice as she was sincerely interested in every mundane detail of my urban chaotic life. I always took her advice in every major decision(s) I made and I wanted her to be just a call away from me. Time passed on I got used to living alone and in the meantime technology got advanced and just a few weeks before my mother’s birthday, I decided to gift her something which would make both of us happy, that’s when I listened to my heart and gifted her a high end smart phone. I can never forget when I shifted to Delhi; my mother gave me her savings to me to buy a mobile phone as it was a basic necessity. Smart phone was my mother’s first mobile phone and I wanted it to be special.

My colleague introduced me to snapdeal and told me how happy he was with the products and delivery timing. I browsed through the website and found some nice deals/discounts and ordered a smart phone for my mother. To my belief the phone was delivered within one working day and my mother had no limit to her happiness receiving her birthday gift. Mom being a quick learner, it was quite easy for her to get to know the phone. The phone had pre installed few video calling apps and mom and me started video calling whenever we missed each other. She still thanks for the wonderful birthday surprise I gave her. I am very happy that I followed my heart and it brought a smile on my mother’s face.

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”


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