Crash The Pepsi IPL Innings 2


Theme: Tell us which ads are your favourites, which ones surprised you, which could have been made better, an actor in the ad that you liked. You can even make a list of the funniest, cutest and most intelligent ads. Blog about which ads you added to your ‘Hitlist’ and why. There is a sea of ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL that you can turn into a sea of opportunities for yourself!

The Pepsi IPL 2015 season has begun and the next few weeks of this hot summer promises all of us some great cricketing action. These few weeks are going to be particularly exciting as Pepsi announced contest #CrashThePepsiIPL that encouraged amateurs to attempt creating an Ad for Pepsi. The finalists are judged by a heavy weight jury and displayed during the matches replacing the original advertisement. I watched many video ads in gallery created by the fans but I liked the below two very much

“The fault in our Suhagraat” Uploaded by Anshul Agrawal

 Super surprising mishmash with the need for Pepsi arising during the first night for the bride and the groom. Both are pepsi fans. The cast is nice, there was no vulgarity as the theme was based on first night of marriage. Here pepsi is the seductress and it definitely added the erotic element in a funny way. Ads with suhagraat theme create excitement in the viewers mind and this ad did that to me. I seriously thought the groom must be out running in the streets and looking at the closed stores for condom (perhaps he was not prepared that IT would happen), but the silliness is he ran like a madman all around for Pepsi. Entertaining!!

“Maa” Uploaded by Vikram Singh

This mother in the ad is the coolest mom I have ever seen on the TV that too in an ad of Pepsi. Mothers deserve to have that little fun in their lives. Mothers work hard along with us when it’s our exam time, she wakes up early to make breakfast and lunch boxes for all of us, she sacrifices so much for her including her pepsi, which is shown in this ad. The actress playing the role of mother in this ad is amazing and cute. She secretly hides her own pepsi bottle and when she is alone at home, she takes her bottle out enjoys the drink and watches cricket. You can enjoy the game with all yourself; pepsi is there for you as your prefect cricket companion.

“Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda


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