Crashing the Pepsi IPL Innings2 – Once again

Theme: Tell us which ads are your favourites, which ones surprised you, which could have been made better, an actor in the ad that you liked. You can even make a list of the funniest, cutest and most intelligent ads. Blog about which ads you added to your ‘Hitlist’ and why. There is a sea of ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL that you can turn into a sea of opportunities for yourself!

I visited Pepsi IPL 2015 ad gallery again to see those ads which I missed viewing in my last visit to the gallery. I am very eager to know which ads will be replacing the original ones being aired currently. Here comes my 2nd list of favourite videos.

Rajma Upma uploaded by Keerthi Natarajan

This ad caught my instant attention. It showed one North Indian couple and a South Indian couple waiting in a railway station equating the food item from their bags from Idli, Vada to Roti sabzi and few other items before uniting with the Pepsi in the end. A beautiful message of Indian unity and has been choreographed very well.

Cool Your Boss uploaded by A. Arulselvan

To work on an idea with a table and chair is not an easy job. This advertisement communicated the message in 26 seconds perfectly with good acting by all the three actors. It was a powerful message in a limited scale.

Himmat Kar uploaded by Kritika Shekhar

This ad had a powerful concept such crushing the Pepsi can conveyed it all. A good notion in a bus station and the video quality was very good.

Selecting hearing uploaded by Pranav Bhasin

Selecting hearing only for pepsi puts the drink on top of everything. This ad definitely favours pepsi instead of water. For any IPL fan pepsi and cricket goes together. No doubt about this! I liked the acting of the guy though he was rude ( the character) but he impressed a lot. It distinguished the two types of drink -diet and the normal pepsi.

Pepsi Hai Sath Me To Kismat Hai Hath Me Uploaded by Deepak Satya

I drive everyday to work and all these years my car worked with petrol but I never knew that the car does work on pepsi too. I have pepsi to refresh myself and become energetic but now onwards I am going to stock my car with lots of pepsi cans and bottles so that next time when my car breaks down I am going to use pepsi. Too funny advertisement.

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