#CelebrateLife Everyday

Theme: What are the things necessary for you to celebrate every moment? Blog about them for the #CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity this weekend and spread some happiness! 

(Kolte Patil Developers feel that a good house is the best way to celebrate life every day. That is why they have created the Ivy Estate in Wagholi near Pune, a property spread over 85 acres in the lap of nature, which marries modern amenities and natural charm perfectly. The 1600 families already living there are a living testimony to this fact, and celebrate life every day.)

Happiness is so interesting, because we all have different ideas about what it is and how to get it. I would love to be happier, as I’m sure most people would, so I thought it would be interesting to find some ways to become a happier person.  So here comes the list some of the things that brings happiness for me:

  1. On a busy day after work, getting into metro and finding a seat vacant is happiness. 
  2. My car drives is one of happiness, never has given me a problem and more so I can rely on and the start my car is a sign of happiness.
  3. Rain and the rain drops make me happy. I love to watch the rain. I like being on the road in my car driving through the ponds of water. 
  4. Having a perfect tea in the morning and after I come back from work lifts my mood instantly. It has the ability to make me just get up and make it happen. I can never turn down my cup of hot tea.
  5. Books – old or new just make me happy, the smell of them is a true happiness moment. The time to read and time to sleep are things that go together rightly for me. Books are my best friends.
  6. I like tweeting random ideas and happenings from my life or comment on the latest happenings. RTs from the followers, a mention from a celebrity or a reply from them really makes me happy.
  7. Sometimes emails or text messages from friends and loved ones especially when it has been really long of not being in touch.
  8. When I am congratulated for my role which I deserve is one of the best moments when I am happy and this is most of the times at my work place.
  9. Food exists to make me happy and to make me feel better. Food for me is to be enjoyed covered in vegetables. I hardly bother about their nutrition facts. All that matters is it should taste good and make me feel happy. 
  10. Travelling is happiness. I get to reunite with distant family and friends and also having the opportunity to experience other places and cultures with my eyes, not via a TV or computer. I get to be impulsive and do something on the spur of the moment that I don’t get to enjoy at home. Travelling makes me realize the simplicity of happiness and fulfilment, as children run around their village, daily family life continues and there’s much laughter and smiles.

#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home at Ivy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself.


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