Dental services for kids in Jaipur

There are a number of problems that affect the oral health of small children or kids, such as tooth decay, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking, and early tooth loss. Even though kid’s teeth are eventually replaced with permanent teeth, keeping their teeth healthy is important to a child’s overall health and well-being. The teeth are in frequent contact with sugars from drinks, such as fruit juices, milk, formula, fruit juice diluted with water, sugar water, or any other sweet drink. Bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugars, causing tooth decay. If left untreated, decayed teeth can cause pain and make it difficult to chew and eat. The kid’s teeth serve as space savers for adult teeth.

If these teeth are damaged or destroyed, they can’t help guide permanent teeth into their proper position, possibly resulting in crowded or crooked permanent teeth. Badly decayed kid’s teeth could lead to an abscessed tooth, with the possibility of infection spreading elsewhere in the body. There are good dental services for kids in Jaipur as it is important that kids are taken to a good dentist and get their teeth checked up very often.

Managing children might be extremely troublesome especially with dental problems, the kids’ dentistry section at Maya Eye & Dental Hospital, run by Dr Vikas Gupta and Dr Ruchi Gupta at Mansarover the arrangements in the medicine for kids are so comfortable that the child feels exactly at home. Throughout a first visit, your youngster may delight in a “ride” in the dental seat, play with a mirror, for the most part encounter the sights and qualities of the dental office and unwind. Dr Shefali Chaturvedy of Pediatric Dental Care, Chaturvedy’s Jaipur Dental Clinic at Krishna Marg exclusively treats the child patients from the age of six months to eighteen years and she is one of the leading dentists for kids in Jaipur. A bright play area with toys, books and TV keeps the kids occupied as they wait for their turn. The child friendly paediatric operatory with designs of fairy tale characters make kids comfortable and the environment less scary. The kids are treated while watching TV and depending on their behaviour during the treatment they are given gifts.

As kids grow, it is very important to plan on routine dental checkups anywhere from once every 3 months to once a year, depending on the dentist’s recommendations. Restrictive intake of sugary foods and regular brushing adds to kids dental health. Your partnership with the dentist will help ensure that the kid has healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.


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