Prominent child specialists in Chennai

Paediatricians play an important role in ensuring health and wellness of children. Medical testing and treatment of children differs from adults. Paediatricians provide care from birth to early adulthood and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of illnesses, disorders, or ailments that occur specifically in infants, children, and teenagers. A paediatrician educates and guides parents, on the importance of diet, healthy physical and mental exercise, hygiene, and regular check-ups of children.

It is important that the children are taken to a good child specialist. There are number of good paediatricians in Chennai who monitor children’s physical and mental growth development, perform routine evaluations, and dictate immunizations and vaccines to prevent illnesses.

Apollo Children’s Hospital is an 80-bedded facility, offering the finest quaternary-care paediatrics in Chennai. Now there is an increased incidence of prematurity and low birth weight, commonness of diabetes, asthma and developmental disorders which calls for paediatric super specialities. Apollo Children’s Hospitals has Insulin Pump Clinic for children with Type 1 diabetes, the facility also houses a Weight Management Clinic, a skilled, multi-disciplinary team that helps fight childhood obesity. It has the most advanced technologies and other cutting edge equipments in Paediatric Intensive care facilities. The hospital has 70 of India’s finest paediatric specialists with 180 nurses.

Established in 1993, with a legacy of over 7 decades, Dr. Mehta’s Children’s Hospital is one of the leading hospitals for Paediatrics in Chennai. A highly specialised multi-disciplinary team, trusts in Holistic Approach blending advanced medical technology with the Art of Healing, backed by comfortable infrastructure, has made this hospital the preferred destination in Paediatric Care for Clinicians and Customers not only from India but from other countries too.

With an MBBS and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Paediatrics Dr. Priya Chandrasekhar’s deals with General Paediatrics, Neo-natal Care, Intensive Care and Adolescent Care. She is a specialist in treating children with Down’s syndrome. She can be consulted at Apollo Children’s Hospital, KK Child’s Trust Hospital, Motherhood Hospital and Venkateshwara Hospitals or at her own clinic, Indira Child Care, at Mandaveli, Chennai.

It is always better to consult good Paediatrician(s) as they keep a close watch on the child’s growth and if any health problem persists they can cure at right time.


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