My first expert (1)

Everybody should love or appreciate their mothers as they are the first expert. My mother and I have the same cadence, gestures, and uncertainties. My mom is #MyFirstExpert, who has been always a strong emotional figure when I was growing up. Most memorable was seeing her working hard through the toughest times and giving me lessons I’ve carried on in life. She has told me to value myself and finish my education, that it’s the best gift she has given me. I love my mother so much because she is my pillar, and I can lean on her and really adore her.

One of the best things I love about my mother was that whenever my sisters and I were feeling sad or bored, she would think of resourceful ways to cheer us up. Sometimes a surprise shopping or she would take her day off from work and get us to watch our favourite movie. My most memorable memories were helping her and my sister in making us a breakfast every day. It’s just like her to always teach us the many ways to enjoy the simple enjoyment life offers us.

The other memory that I always come flooding back is when I was about seven years old, she had sit me down with a small notebook of facts and taught me things that were not covered in school. She introduced me to the great inventors, famous paintings and told me about the artists and she would read to me and to my other siblings, poetries and stories. I think the greatest lesson my mother passed on was the indisputable love for learning that is beyond textbooks and the classroom. I am indebted to my mother for my appreciation of art, literature, and most importantly, the knowledge that no matter how much you think you previously know about the humankind, there’s always more of it to gain knowledge of and love.


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