#CrashThePepsiIPL Phase 3 – (Part2)

“Conserve Memories with Pepsi” – Uploaded by Hrutul Patel

My third vote goes for this advertisement as this advertisement does make us remember the great times we all spent with Pepsi for so many years and how every bottle of pepsi consumed has a memory to it. The advertisement make obvious the way friends get together and have Pepsi and then attach notes to each bottle making it alluring to me who has been drinking Pepsi since early days and I can never forget the taste of it. Pepsi is most of the time had while watching television or chatting with friends and family and this advertisement just brought back all the memories which I have shared with the drink and how all the bottles are collected and have a cute memoir to say. I loved the way the boy in the advertisement says that there are happy reminiscences which we share with our friends and those are required to be alive and kept in mind and hence he attaches notes to each bottle which makes the moments still alive and the title of this advertisement is perfect to it. Each Pepsi bottle has its charm of making these moments alive. This advertisement is definitely a potential winner.

“Jhingalala” – Uploaded by Yogesh Negi

I enjoyed and laughed a lot watching this advertisement titled Jhingalala. It was very entertaining to watch it. It showed how tribals gather around an urban person and try to assault him. The boy falls on a stone getting scared of his end and then the tribals notice a bottle of Pepsi in his bag. The pick it up and turn happy drinking pepsi and they sip it again and the taste of Pepsi makes them refresh and happy. What are tremendous catch!! The man noiselessly walks far from them as they enjoy drinking pepsi and escapes while tribals are dancing and his life is saved because of Pepsi. The title of this advertisement made me curious and excited to watch the entire advertisement and get to know what is different in it. It was definitely a unique idea. Very few advertisements from the pepsi gallery brought a smile to my face and this advertisement was one of those kinds which really make you laugh a lot. Pepsi is about celebrating together and IPL has the same theme and I feel refreshed watching a match and drinking pepsi and for me this advertisement stands as a potential winner and hence my fourth vote for this.

“I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association withBlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”


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