My mother – the expert

It’s hard for me not to be a sign of what an amazing person my mother, #MyFirstExpert is. Not everyone is lucky to have a mother and few are lucky to have a mother like mine. As with most people, I have a few people in my life who really inspire me, and my mom is one of those. Throughout my life, she has always been there for me, inspiring me and caring about me and encouraging me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like her in my life. Not only has she always been there for me, standing by my side no matter what crazy phase I was in, she’s also been teaching me all the firsts of my life.

Anyone who knows my mother knows she’s the most generous person. She’s always happy to help someone if she can. It’s from her that I’ve learned to be a giving person. My mother has shown me how to embrace the present moment. She never dwelled on the past or stressed about the future. I’ve gone through madcap phases in my life, my mother has always been willing to embrace whatever I happen to be into at the moment, which is a very stirring quality. Everyone makes mistakes in life, but my mother has taught me to make the most of them. I still remember when I was colouring and I made a mistake. Instead of starting over, she suggested we turn my little error into a heart. Because of her I’m inspired continuously to donate and give to others. I know that without her influence I wouldn’t be donating clothes every season or providing monthly donations to charities. I must say that I am extremely lucky to have her in my life. Ma, I hope you have all the happiness you deserve and you know this already, but I’ll tell you again: you are always in my heart. I love you to the sky and back.


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