My first expert – my mother

Faith, love, devotion, giver, selfless – all great words to describe my mother who is #MyFirstExpert.  My mother and I have laughed and cried together over the simplest to the most dreadful things.  Thank God we have each other.  She committed her entire life to her children and family.

When I was small still clearly I recall my mother would rock me gently until I would fall asleep. Her voice was like an angel when she sang those lullabies to me. If I was sick or having a nightmare, we bonded always and eventually she became my dearest friend. In many countless ways she showed her love to me. Sometimes it was the care she took in little things she taught, or the days that she would walk to school with my lunch box I forgot. She never missed a function in school that I was a part of.

Her love for me continued into my later years, she was always there to listen to me, the late hours we did keep for our chats. I was always made to feel that I justified her time spend with me. For every night she sat to share with me her faith and all the nights when we prayed together. The sacrifices that were she made and the sleepless nights she spent praying god to give us that extra special blessings. Her prayers for me were answered for I have a rich repayment in the lessons of life she instituted in me.  In just the way she lives her life. It is the support, love and blessings of my mother that is the greatest gift which I have received in this lifetime.


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