My first expert – (2)

Childhood is the best phase of life where there are no tensions and responsibilities. All you do is eat, play and sleep. All the members of the family are always around and we turn the center of attraction and pampered by all. I was loved the most by my mother who always with me since I remember my childhood and growing up days. She is my best friend, teacher and #MyFirstExpert in life who has solutions for all my problems. She is the protector for me. I always like to see my mother happy and cheerful. Her well being is really important.

Whatever decisions I make financially ever since I started earning were all the lessons of financial management which #MyFirstExpert my mother gave me ever since I was a small kid. She gifted me piggy bank on one of my birthdays when I was not even 10 years old and taught me to save money and made me understand its importance. I received my first pocket money when I was in 7th class and my mother used to ask me how I spent the money and how much did I save. Since I started earning I have always saved some amount from my salary towards rainy day and due to this saving habit I could buy my car early in life.

My mother has been always around me even today now when I am an adult and she does come to my rescue when I get disappointed in life, she gives me practical advises apart from her love and support that I forget my displeasures and rejuvenate my mood. She knows me how to cheer my mood and she doesn’t leave any opportunity to make me smile.

My mother despite facing so many problems in her life from her childhood she has been the most positive person of my life. She is the one who taught me to be positive and confident. Her blessings, unconditional love and advices have helped me to give my best in life. My mother, my first expert has supported me emotionally, socially and financially. I love you mom.


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