My first expert – (3)

The first hand I held while I was taking my first few steps was of my mother. The first word I spoke was Maa. The first spoon of food was fed by my mother. My first day of school was scary but my mom motivated me to attend school regularly. She taught me how to hold the pencil to write my first alphabets. No wonder my mother has been #MyFirstExpert. I can never forget how she used to stay awake with me and make me snacks in the night when I was preparing for my board exams and also those spoons of sweet curd for good luck the next day when I went to write my exams.

 The list of things that my mother did for me is just endless and she still does things for me. I am sure however old I grow I don’t think about it I will reach out to her for anything and everything related to my life. Now my mother stays with me but in earlier days during my job outside my hometown, I used to live alone and cook for myself. And it was my mother who helped me learn cooking despite the distance of Patna and Pune. I don’t believe cooking is only for females. Being a man I can cook well despite the fact I never knew to cook anything beyond Maggie till the time I got a job. It was very tough initially but my mother helped me out with utensils, the ingredients, quantities and the details of the preparation. It would have been difficult without her support.  My mother always believed in good eating and fed me healthy food. She never cooked spicy or oily food as she was health conscious. Because of her I stay fit and eat food cooked with less oil. I hardly visit the doctor as I eat healthy food and by no means fall sick often. All thanks to my mother.


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