My first expert – (4)

Of all the days celebrated in a year, I liked Mother’s Day a lot. This year I came across in newspapers/twitter/magazines and websites about good articles on mothers and sons/daughters giving a tribute to them. Father’s Day, Sister’s Day or any other day doesn’t have this importance which Mother’s Day has.

For every first thing in my life, I have my mother behind it. I can never forget my first school experience. There was no school bus and every student of our locality of the same school used to walk and my mother took the pains to drop me to school every day and also carry my bags and lunch. While walking she used to tell me about the flowers/trees/roads/people/vehicles. Sometimes I even used to pester her to tell me stories while walking and she used to tell me stories of fairies and godmothers. Her stories were the first time I started to imagine. I used to feel that those fairies were for real and they were my friends. All this really helped me in telling stories to my friends in school, make paintings on these themes. Thank you mom for stirring the power of imagination in me.

The first book I read was collection of bed time stories, which was gifted by my mother on my birthday. There were hardly any good bedtime books for children so my mother made all the efforts to search good books for me. My mom every night read one of the stories from the book and explained me what the story was all about and told me the good things from it and also told me why bad people existed in them. That’s how books began to interest me by the first reader of my life – my mother and today I have a huge collection of books and there is never a day in my life when I have not read a book before the day ends.

The list of firsts of my life with my mother in it is never ending and even now I turn to my mother as she has been #MyFirstExpert for everything.


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