My first expert – (5)

I agree that home is your first school and your parents your first teacher especially mother. My mother is #MyFirstExpert and my first forever teacher. Whenever in life I go wrong, she is the first one to correct me and whenever I need help, she is the first one to guide me. Whether physically she’s there by my side or not, every small things taught to me by her comes out handy which helps me to take good decisions for a better life. Her way of making me understand life is very exceptional.

Whenever in trouble, the first word that comes to everyone’s mouth is Ma and for me she is the first one to come to my rescue against anything bad. She has been my saviour, who fought a lot for my happiness but she never spoke a word for her own life.

Till date my mother and me share secrets and enjoy gossiping. She has always been a friend rather than being a conventional parent. What we share as friends stays between us solely even today. Not just a mother and son, we are best friends too.

During school days she has been my helper with academic and co-curriccular activities, let it be with grammar or Hindi subject or be it preparing me for competitions or projects or assignments.

It goes without saying my mother has been #MyFirstExpert for everything and anything. Even today, she is the first one on my mind to share happiness and grief and to discuss and help me solve life problems. She is a perfect combination of everything. A happy person full of positivity and no one understands me like she does.


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