My first expert – (6)

Whenever I look back at my life, from a toddler, to a playful teenager to matured man, I see family time, those songs from radio being played while I prepared for my commerce exams, walks to the close by bakery with my sister, having my favourite ice cream at the exhibition and common to all these were every moment of my life had my mother in the frame.

Like any kid I had great love for cakes and ice creams and like all other mothers even mine was scared of my teeth getting cavities and infections so I used to eat secretly with my friends after school, and I was late to home, and by the time I reached, I found the house locked in few minutes my parents arrived and seeing me they were happy, later I was told that they had left to search me as I did not come back on time. My mother did not talk to me for 2days and afterwards I understood that was the fear of losing me.

My mother did not express her love towards me through words but opted through action with her caring and giving nature in the form of my favourite meals cooked and sweets. Her love was in the form of all home remedies for anyone of us at home suffering from cold. Her love was in form of that one phone call when one of us would get late to reach home. She has been the pillar of the family.

When I had joined college (outside my hometown) I can never forget the list of dos and don’ts she made me write.

  • Always apply oil before shampoo.
  • Do not drink water directly, always use a glass.
  • Keep a count of money spent
  • Do savings
  • Pass out with good marks so that it makes you financially independent in life.

I know these are the regular life lessons and advice, I value them more because each of them have been imparted to me by #MyFirstExpert, my mother and whenever I remember them I recall all those growing up moments of my life with she beside me.

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