My first expert – (7)

It is only a mother who understands her children well, in my case being the eldest son I was pampered and given much substance by all especially my mother. But on the other hand I was taught the importance of education and the place of moral values in one’s life right from my childhood and also the sense of responsibility as I have one younger brother and sister to take care of.

My mother had been my first teacher at home with books in my concern. I was her obedient pupil, though my mother is not much educated she did impart her knowledge and experience to me and my siblings. I belong to that generation where television had barely made any impact in our lives. Movies, songs all came later to me.

It had been my mother who had inspired me not to become a couch-potato and instead encouraged me to improve on my reading habits. I would have drifted into the terrible depths of emptiness, had it not been my mother who brought me out of it, who I still regard with value. Whenever I had been in my bad mood, she had been the first to notice those signs and help me to come out of them by telling me to express my thoughts onto paper or diary. She made me overcome my state of gloom.

When my father passed away, my mother had been the one who had made me and everyone else in the family strong, both physically as well as mentally. Because I had never considered the fact I would have to face death as such close quarters just being a teenager. My mother taught me how to overcome chaos and never let any tragedy disturb my balance in life. I take this opportunity to thank my mother for being #MyFirstExpert.


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