Party at the Mall

It was my colleague’s birthday and a party was planned at a mall nearby office. In my friend’s group he was the last one to turn 40 and despite the age we all behaved being in the 20’s – active and optimistic. In the food court, I noticed an old age married couple (in their 70’s), sitting beside our table, facing in opposite direction, looked they had a fight and did not yet made up for it. We all friends wanted to see who would kick off the sorry.  In relationships, there is a rule; whoever is at fault is not vital who says sorry is imperative. We wanted uncle to take the inventiveness of talking. Uncle looked at us and we pushed him to talk to aunty. He took a pen out his pocket, wanted to write an apology note on the tissue paper but he had forgotten his spectacles and he was not able to write. Aunty saw that, she became infuriated that he had forgotten his spectacles another time.

All of a sudden a flash mob of teenagers/youngsters were all over the food court and music started playing. A young boy came near us and started dancing. He had a girl with him and she started singing. It was a live performance and to our surprise (and also to uncle and aunty’s) it was Anushka Manchanda who was singing and the dancing boy was Allu Arjun. The whole crowd in the food court yelled and screamed seeing them perform. Uncle turned his face away, aunty looked at us and said he doesn’t like music and dance, but I love it. A hand took uncle’s hand and pulled him out of the chair, it was Anushka. She called even us to join the mob. A celebrity singer asking uncle to join her was a great moment for us to see and uncle got turned pink out of happiness. Seeing this Arjun took aunty’s hands and kissed her and made her join the mob.

Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda presence made the mood active, charming and full of life with their #MaxFreshMove. The dance and music was just fascinating.  Uncle kissed aunty during the dance steps which they did along with Arjun and Anushka. Aunty blushed and smiled and we made happy noises at them for making up. The whole crowd witnessed uncle and aunty’s love and it was such a romantic moment for them. Arjun danced non-stop and seeing him doing the amazing moves, almost everyone present in the mall joined him.

To our surprise there were more of old aged couples in the mob that’s when we saw the posters in the mall that it a weekend surprise prearranged by the mall to entertain couples above age of 60. Arjun and Anushka enchanted everyone with dance and music simultaneously, it was entertaining to watch them live and also it made my colleague’s birthday unforgettable.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?


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