Dance Basanti

Rains bring joy. But, more often, they bring misery to people of Delhi in the form of heavy water-logging, leading to traffic jams. After an hour of heavy rain in the evening, I started my car to go home from office. I drove hassle free for 15-20minutes and than I was stuck on Ring Road. I could not move my car back or ahead such was my situation in the jam. Suddenly the showers began heavily. There was no sign that the traffic would clear any soon. It was really boring as I was alone in the car, I wished of having company as all I could do was sit. The mobile network got jammed too and I had lost my connection with the virtual world. I am a big music lover but I could not put on the music in my phone as the battery was almost dying. Music helps me deal with boring situations but it could not help that very moment.  As I was being in a huff about the boredom and the traffic jam, I suddenly heard loud music, the tune was familiar so was the voice. I immediately turned towards my car windows and scrolled it down to see what was happening. There were some girls beside my car on their vespa, who shouted “look its Anushka Manchanda”, The song was clearly audible “Ab chahe yeh raat beet jaaye ye music bandh na karo…Chahe sara shehar jag jaye ye music bandh na karo” very apt to the situation I thought in my mind. Just like a dream song sequence, from nowhere or somewhere, dancers cropped up in the scene. The dancers made to fit themselves wherever they found space in the jam and started dancing. And just like a rain drop from sky above, Allu Arjun joined the gang of dancers and setting turned rocking with his exciting dance moves.

“Dum Maro Dum…Mit Jaaye Gham”, started playing, I screamed along with other people who were stuck in the jam with me when Anushka Manchanda joined Allu Arjun in his performance. I could not believe I was watching Anushka’s live singing and Arjun’s dance. As the second song got over, she made the tone more energetic with her hit dance song “Dance Basanti”. I love dancing and singing, and I got off from my car and joined them in the rain dance. I hate drenching but seeing 2 of my favourite performers I could not have power over myself. I believe any boring moment can be turned interesting with music and dance. This was that moment which I viewed. I was shaking my leg with Allu Arjun which I could not just believe. He was smiling at me.

I suddenly felt someone tapping my shoulder, I thought it was a dance moment and ignored, but the tapping got louder not just on my shoulder but on my car. It was a traffic police constable who was waking me up from the dream I was seeing. I realised the traffic was clearing and it was time I drive ahead. Just then I paid attention to the RJ of Radio Mirchi saying that the last song played on the show, was Dance Basanti sung by Anushka Manchanda and Vishal Dadlani from the movie Ungli.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?


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