The #SniffSniff Activity Experience

When I read the tweet about an exclusive blogging activity to only male bloggers from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, I could not just control my anxiousness and I immediately applied. The brief about the #sniffsniff activity intrigued the investigator in me.


The first #SniffSniff packet arrived on morning of 8th June at my office. I was still on my way and the moment I entered the security guard came running to me with a box. It was a packet designed in my favourite color – Blue. I was very excited to open it to see what it contained. Before taking the next gulp of air I opened the packet and it was a sketch of man’s face, whose nose was clipped with a wooden cloth clip. It made me completely clueless. I removed the clip and open the mailer to read if it had any details but I couldn’t believe my glee. I smelled the mailer, the wooden clip and the packet. But to my utter wonder, I assumed BlogAdda had kept some more surprise for me in days to come. I tweeted the pictures and my reactions and wrote a Facebook post on the same.


The second #SniffSniff surprise arrived on afternoon of 9th June for which I was waiting since morning. A person came to me and asked me if I had participated in Blogadda activity. There were some formalities which I completed I guessed from his burble he missed to get something along. He said ‘photo’ and left the box with me saying he would come back soon and requested me to keep the box untouched. I was excited to see what it contained but I waited for him. He came back in a while, clicked a picture of mine, holding the box and left. I opened the box. It smelled of fresh coffee beans. I am a coffee addict and the aroma of the beans just hit my mind and soul. It sinked in my mind, what has coffee beans got to do with body odours; then I recalled how they ask us to smell coffee beans after trying a couple of perfumes in the stores. I kept the coffee beans bag on my table and I went ahead with tweeting and updating Facebook post about it.

The next two days 10th and 11th June, I received nothing, I checked for the tweets of Blogadda if anyone received the third  #SniffSniff surprise but there were no updates and I thought may be the activity got over or closed. I was not available in the office as I had to travel for work, despite all this I was in constant touch with the staff to know if any packet was sent for me.


I decided to forget about the activity as past 2 days nothing was sent, all of a sudden on morning of 12th June, I got the #SniffSniff surprise box and just like a child I jumped out of excitement. I was so sure it will be the final product but it was a nice white mask. I realized how much bothering body odour could be to others. My excitement grew more with feelings of enthusiasm and anxiety, thinking what could be the final product – a deodorant, talc, perfume, roll on, or any spray? It made me immediately login Twitter and Facebook to tweet and write a post.

The next two days 13th and 14th June were weekend and I had no office but I was prepared to go to office to collect the last (hopefully) #SniffSniff surprise. I received no calls from my office regarding any courier/packet. I was impatient to collect the next product.


On Monday 15th June as I arrived at office, so did the #SniffSniff surprise – Nivea Men Body Deodorizer – Ice Cool. It was inside the teaser #SniffSniff box. It was a 120 ml bottle marking Gas Free. The product carton had to be slided for the bottle to come out and the packing was very innovative. I sprayed the deodorizer on my left wrist and it smelled amazingly fresh and cool. It took only 10 seconds to get into the skin and become dry. The best thing (compared to other deo’s), it did not run off any leftover on the applied area. The skin felt softer than before. The smell was so nice that everyone who came near me or passed by inquired me about this pleasing smell and I showed them the product and told them to try it. I shared the pictures and my experience by tweets and posts online.

Today morning I used the deodorizer. The whole day I was busy and had few clients to meet. The pleasant smell of the deodorizer kept me re-energized and there was no body odour at all. Not just the body odour but it helped control perspiration. The Nivea Men Body Deodorizer gets thumbs up from me and it’s a must for men living in this heat of Delhi with scorching temperature and hotness of more than 40 degrees in June.

“I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda


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