Blogmint: A platform that connects Brands to Bloggers

Today I would like to introduce everyone to Blogmint which is a unique platform for bloggers and brands. It connects bloggers with brands so that bloggers can get to write reviews and be paid in money and by this brands get maximum exposures via reviews. In this method, brands and bloggers get what they deserve. I am a member of Blogmint since 2months and I must say it is one of the best platforms I have ever seen. You just need amalgamate your blog and apply for campaign. Once you approved, you can write review, submit URL to Blogmint. Once done, they will approved and send payment directly to your bank account.

I have written 3 posts for for the health section on various topics on children dental problems. The feature of detailed analytics of every blog post submitted and approved are helpful as they help us to realize our potential as a social influencer.

If you are a blogger or a brand and want huge exposure of your blog/content/brand, sign up for Blogmint now with easy procedure of integrating your blog and start earning money.


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