Smelly to Smiley

I was very happy when I got new neighbours. The old neighbours were hell of a problem with their pet dog barking and crying throughout the day. I was all wishing for friendly and helpful neighbours with fewer snags. After a day the neighbours got settled, I realized that neighbours (the husband and wife) are multi-pack-a-day smokers. The nasty smell and smoke of cigarettes wafts up through their door and windows to my house. I keep my house very tidy and odour free most of the time but ever since these neighbours have come, my house has become like a smoking house. It’s really annoying because I am a non-smoker and my neighbours won’t hesitate to burn through several packs every day. I love carpets and I have a Belgium made red carpet decorating my living area, but off late I have been realizing that despite I use all the tips to keep my house smell free, a lot of the smell is from the carpets. It won’t change the smoke coming into my house from the neighbours but that’s the direction it’s coming from through the main door and so much is probably trapped in those carpets. Frequently dry cleaning the carpets was not an idea which I liked instead after much research of the market; I caught hold of odour-removing fabric spray. I spray it on the carpets with this; some of the nasty smoke smell trapped in the carpet flies off and gives me a nice fresh smell of the room.

As though these smoking neighbours were not enough, the plumber of our apartment complex is a chain smoker. I have always warned him not to enter my house after a smoke but whenever he comes to repair a trouble in bathroom he gets along the bad smell of cigarettes. After he leaves my bathroom smells so bad that I am forced to pour some small bowls of white vinegar all over bathroom flooring and let them sit on the tiled floor for some time. The smell of vinegar squanders in a few minutes but sometimes it turns strong that’s when I mix in oil of lavender or vanilla which sticks around after the smell of vinegar and cigarette smoke fades away.

On advice of a friend, I purchased a good air purifier which scrubbed out the smoke and dust in the air, but this did not work for a long time. I got into the market again to find a solution for this smell; I brought few room fresheners and gels which gave immediate let-up but after a few hours the smoke attacked again.

The regular cleaning, scrubbing and air filters proved no great solution to the smell and I decided to talk to my neighbours about their cigarette smoke which comes in my house. They said they would not smoke with their windows and doors opened. I am glad that they kept their word and now I have less smells at home to battle with.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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