How to moisturise and exfoliate (Share your expertise)

After going through the articles in Skin care section of Rewardme, I realised there are any information available for men. I thought why don’t I write an article on male grooming – How to moisturise and exfoliate.

A regular skincare routine is not just for women anymore. Men have now incorporated this activity in their lives too and I am definitely one of them. It was in the past that we men woke up from sleep, splashed water on our faces and left for work. I strongly feel that men should start a face care regime as they hit puberty. After discovering the benefits of skincare products, it has become extensively acknowledged that men now like to take as much care of their skin as women do.

Men should start the day with a face wash but never with soap, instead use a cleanser. If you don’t clean the skin properly, the moisturiser can’t be riveted. One should not forget to exfoliate. In case of oily skin once a week is fine and with dry skin twice a week. By exfoliating, the moisturiser can sink in and hydrate better. For best protection of your skin, and in hunt of anti-aging methods, there’s one product you need to spend in, and that’s a good men’s moisturiser. As you age, the signs of break soon start to show. That’s why many dermatologists advise everyone to use skincare products at an early age. Moisturisers are intended to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, soft and in the pink. When it lacks moisture, the skin appears tedious leading to various skin conditions. As a man’s skin is thicker with genetic differences, it makes our skin different compared to women’s and hence men’s moisturising needs are to some extent dissimilar to that of women. Once you have managed to find the perfect men’s moisturiser, it is important to use it appropriately for best results. There are a few things you need to do to make sure your moisturising regime works successfully.

Cleansing is the first and most important step in skincare practice. It sets the foundation for your moisturiser. Cleaning the face with a good facial cleanser carefully ensures your moisturiser will be absorbed properly. After you’ve washed your face, pat it dry with a towel (don’t rub), then you can begin applying the moisturiser. Use a little and spread it evenly over the face, starting from the cheeks. If you heap too much of the cream on your face it can have an off-putting result on the skin. Use small circular motions with the tips of your fingers to rub down the moisturiser in. Despite the fact man’s skin is tougher than a woman’s; it still calls for gentle care. Night creams should also be a part of your skincare habit. Ideally you should moisturise twice each day; once in the morning and once in the evening. It’s also worth noting that the skin around the eyes would benefit from a proper eye cream, rather than a facial moisturiser.

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