Why your ‘favorite phone” should be on everyone’s wishlist?


At the very first look, Asus ZenFone2 became my favourite phone. I did not expect that I would like this phone so much. Its hardware is dominant enough to do almost the whole lot. The Asus ZenFone 2 is a study Smartphone. It looks more interesting from the backside, and I liked the button arrangement. The volume rocker on the back is thin to press at ease without holding the phone tightly. The ZenFone2’s back panel is removable. The battery is firmly nestled beneath the slots making it irremovable. The ZenFone2 has a built-in colour calibrator to play around with the display’s colour settings. The ZenFone2 comes with a bunch of software pre-installed like the Amazon Kindle and Zinio apps. The best part about the ZenFone2’s user interface is its Themes application. Asus lets you customize the interface with your favourite icon packs.

Not just one, but there are many reasons why Asus ZenFone2 is my favourite phone and I would definitely want you to choose it and make this your next phone.

  1. The ZenFone2 comes in 4GB of RAM version with a quad-core 2.3GHz processor (Intel Atom Z3580). It is world’s first Smartphone with such great RAM and this has outshined the other phones.
  2. I prefer bigger phones and it has 5.5-inch screen with 1080p display which makes watching videos and reading e-books very comfy. Asus’ newest has a pixel density of 403ppi, a definite enhancement on the whole compared to earlier models.
  3. The 2.3GHz, 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 is faster than previous ZenFones. This makes the devices future-proof, as the era of 64-bit Android gladiators is just kicking off.
  4. The newest offering ZenFone2 paves the way for data transfer speed of up to 150Mbps.
  5. The in-house ZenUI of Asus is now more polished than ever with Android 5.0 Lollipop – a most excellent choice to synchronize the 64-bit chipset.
  6. ZenFone2’s 13-megapixel rear-facing camera is pretty good at taking photos, both outdoors and indoors. 5-megapixel front-facing camera is worth talking about it. It works well for snapping a headshot and its instant-beautification features actually work rather nicely. It also has a wide-angle lens. There’s also a GIF animation feature that records up to 50 frames. You can edit the animation speed before saving it, and then share it to social networks.
  7. The flashes of the cameras are often disregarded, but the inclusion of a dual-tone one will surely appeal to those potential Zenfone2 adopters that long for more natural-looking photos taken with the rear snapper.
  8. Zenfone2 has optical image stabilization, an addition to nowadays’ Smartphone snappers. Its ability to automatically steady your hands surely stands high in the books of those Smartphone fanatics that spend a great portion of their time filming videos with their devices.
  9. The Asus Zenfone2 does not only have double the amount of RAM but it also increases the amount of on-board SIM card slots by 100%.
  10. Imagine your Zenfone 2’s battery is at 10%. Trouble not; put it on charge while you get ready or finish your work and Asus’ newest will charge to 60% for less than 40minutes.

ZenFone2 is worth its price with 4GB RAM, dual SIMs, and memory expansion slot, in addition to 64GB of storage. It supports a large library of LTE bands around the world, so you’re connected anywhere you go with the ZenFone2. And you can swap out those back covers and personalize the phone the way you like. A powerful phone with better camera and above amazing features makes ZenFone2 worth being a favourite and highly recommendable.


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