Surf it All! Surf it Fast! #YuviSurfsUC

I am person who believes and follows in new technology. I am crazy about gadgets and the latest in software with the applications, OS’s and browsers. I like to be up to date. Everyone these days own a Smartphone and for me my phone is a big blessing. I usually don’t get free time at work but whenever I am at leisure I entertain myself with games, music apps, videos and other lot of other utility services like shopping, banking, ticketing. Being a voracious reader and active blogger, I read and write on my Smartphone when I am on the run.  With life being so fast I like browsers and net to be fast too. I don’t like being stuck because of a slow browser, though I have faced it lots of time. But now I think this problem is solved as we have UC BROWSER.

I have some crazy working hours due to work load and this is the time when I usually miss watching cricket matches. I like catching with the game online but browser doesn’t cooperate and is forever slow despite a fast WIFI connection. I guess I don’t have to feel disappointed anymore as UC browser enables us to surf it all and surf it real fast. I have installed UC browser, it has a simple and absolute User Interface and the homepage is very easy to use. Be it Twitter, Hangouts, WordPress or Cricket, everything is just a touch away. It works so fast that the whole experience of surfing the internet is just amazing now. The best thing about UC browser is that it is best for Android, it is now India’s most popular mobile browser; designed for watching cricket and getting live updates. I can now just lean back and enjoy my cricket game without worrying about missing anything.

You must be wondering how to find cricket? Just open UC Browser – Home Screen – Find “UC Cricket” with blue icon and it’s there ready to be surfed. Some of the best features are: Live Scores with auto update, – Fixture & Result, Latest News and Videos. It is available for Windows, Android, iOs Phones, and Windows Phone.

Now you can work for long hours and need not worry about missing anything about the game/matches because with the help of UC browser you can enjoy cricket at your workplace too. Not just this, you can go for your movies, shopping, dinners, social functions, vacations and stay connected with the game all the time with UC browser.

UC Cricket has a reminder feature that sends you a notification before every match. Just click on the yellow bell on the right to follow your favourite match, and receive an alert 15 minutes before the match begins and if you have exited UC Browser, you still get the notification. Cricket fans all over world can exchange their opinions via the Comment Section where it allows you to customize your ID, and also use emoticons. It’s extremely easy to read the replies. For me this is a very user friendly feature.

You can now stay connected with the game, be social, enjoy he little and big things in life without compromising on anything. Welcome the UC browser in your world and experience the pleasure of real fast surfing.

To know more about UC Browser, you can watch this video.


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