My sister is the special one

Yes! My sister is the special one and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I am glad to that I have got a prospect to talk about my sibling – my sister on the promising occasion of Rakshabandhan this year. If I had to pick one person that has loved me in a remarkable way, it would have to be my sister. She has always been there for me in every way possible. She is younger to me but has been my rock of support. She makes me feel loved because she enjoys hanging out with me on the weekends for the shopping, dinners and movies and we both are proud to be each other’s first best friend. I feel so happy when he asks me for my opinion on the smallest of the small matter such as what colour of dress would suit her, what type of hairdo should she have. Whenever I get in trouble she is always there to take up for me. She is someone that I confide in as well. I know that I can trust my sister’s love for me because she has always kept all my secrets within herself. I am so proud to say #MySiblingRocks. We have not one but many memories which made our childhood special. We have faced life’s problems together and we learnt to deal with problem together. We know each other better than anyone else. She behaves like a mother to me despite the fact that she is many years younger to me.  Not once but few days of the month, I return home very late from work, this is when waits for me and doesn’t sleep till I come back.  When I had met with an accident, my sister took care of me so well. She made sure I took my medicines and did my exercises on time and had proper food so that I recover soon and because of her I did start to walk on my own within a month’s time. We hardly had any cat fights with each other. She is a perfect daughter and sister. It’s not just she who depends on my advice; I too turn to her taking advices when I am perplexed about some matters of life. I wish good future for my sister and wish to be with her on every Rakshabandhan. Thank you dear sister, for all the prized reminiscences of our lives, which we have created as one. You are the best and I love you very much.

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