Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever


I prefer speed in life in whatever I do and as I am constantly on the move with my work I cannot imagine wasting time on slow technology.  I am always delighted to try new technology marvels. So every time new technology gets launched, I am always quick to embrace it into my life.

From Smart phones, 2G, texting, 3G, to apps I have built-in them all in my life and I am proud to say I am a technologically very forward person. I love speed, the new Airtel 4G is a big fortunate thing for me. with Airtel 4G unbelievable speed, I can now do everything in less than 1minutes time especially downloading music and movies.

Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services, nationwide roll out across 296 cities, 4G available at 3G prices. Airtel 4G is offered to customers across a range of smart devices including mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles etc. To avail the Airtel 4G service, customers would have to switch a 4G sim in their devices. Getting an Airtel 4G SIM is just a tweet away, Send a Tweet with #GetAirtel4G from any 4G handset and get a brand new 4G SIM delivered to your home for free. Besides, with every 4G SIM swap Airtel would offer six months of unlimited music streaming and downloads on ‘Wynk Music’ and five free movies per month for six months on the Eros Now channel of ’Wynk Movies’. Airtel has also tied up with Flipkart and many brands including Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi etc. to come bundled with the Airtel 4G sim. The company also announced that Samsung stores will educate customers on Airtel 4G and facilitate SIM swaps.

I use my smartphone like a mobile wallet (paytm) , food ordering machine (tinyowl) , mail client , twitter, facebook for being in touch with friends , instagram for the pictures  , fitness pal , taxi on call, shop online  (flipkart, amazon, jabong and etc) and play games.  With my phone helping in so many chores all through the day my biggest fear was the slow internet speeds, but now with the new Airtel 4G all my worries are a part of the past.

These days work keeps me away from family and this is when my mother (who does use a smartphone) prefers video call with me, earlier I used to avoid this because of the slow network but now it will be me who will be the first one to do a video call to her. With Airtel 4G my video calling experience will truly be personal and touching.

I am a multitasker and Airtel 4G with fastest network speed will make my tasks easy and save lot of my time which earlier used to get wasted in buffering and slow downloading. What is more amazing is in twitter one can check the time taken to download an app in Airtel 4G, which really proves this is the fastest net one can really experience. And if you don’t believe me you can check for yourself by seeing the below ad.


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