#SoftestForBabySkin -(1)

Baby’s skin is very thin and sensitive, and different from adult’s skin. No doubt everyone loves to feel baby’s smooth skin but what they do not know is that it is very difficult to keep baby’s skin safe and healthy. Not one but a variety of skin conditions occur in babies and some skin care products may help, while others worsen those problems. Here are some important tips to keep baby’s skin smooth that anyone can put it to use when it comes to taking good care of baby skin.

  1. Massages a great way to bond with babies and also a great way to keep their skin soft and healthy too. The best time for a massage is after a bath because baby’s skin is plumped up and hydrated and can hold the moisture from an oil or lotion better for a longer time.
  2. It is important to keep the baby away from direct sunlight. For babies under 6 months it is a must that sunscreen should be used only on small areas of the body. Above 6months old babies, it’s safe to use sunscreen all over exposed areas, but test it before you use to check for allergies. With underdeveloped sweat glands, babies are vulnerable to heat rash and to prevent this, dressing them in loose clothing and a hat helps.
  3. While a little rash here and there is predictable among babies, but we can minimize the problems of diaper rash by changing diapers every two hours (longer for older babies), cleaning baby’s bottom thoroughly and applying a good diaper cream if the baby needs it such as petroleum ointment or white zinc oxide.
  4. Try to avoid talc, lanolin, and fragrance as they can all potentially irritate baby’s skin. One must choose a baby-friendly detergent to wash those adorable clothes which will be rubbing up against baby’s skin. Baby products that are free of harsh or dangerous chemicals are highly recommended. It’s also important that when you choose clothing and bedding for the baby make sure it the fabric is skin friendly. Look for soft materials, such as cotton, that will be easy on skin.
  5. Another common rash in infants is dry skin that often appears on baby’s cheeks and forehead. This is treated by baby’s paediatrician who would prescribe gentle creams to handle the dryness. Apart from these rashes, few babies baby’s smooth skin baby acne. They come in form of little pink spots on the skin due to hormones from the mother, but it clears away without any special care.

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